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Monday, December 28, 2015

New Yrs Resolutions and Review of 2015

Thank you for visiting my blog in 2015. How was Christmas and your 2015? What are you planning for 2016? I'll concentrate on picture book projects. I'm sketching around and exploring watercolour techniques. Chilren's body language is lovely. Architecture is interesting. These sketches are references for picture books.
My new years resolutions. 
1) Never hurry. Hurry slowly = never fall again! 
2) Make a progress in the current picture book projects. 
3) Try competitions more. 
4) Work with Wesley Mission/Welfare peak bodies for a project. 
5) Join group sketching more in 2016 : Sydney Sketch Club and Urban Sketchers Australia = no accident, healthy! 
I'd join book festivals, especially, for disadvantaged school children. 
2015 has become a very big year for me. I achieved these things : 
1) a trade picture book Moon launch = a picture book debut, (Windy Hollow Books) 
(*Children picture books have two categories : trade picture books and education picture books. Education picture books are not ratified in "children picture books" in publishing industry.) 
2) two solo exhibitions : "Moon," "People of Parramatta,"  
4) Wesley Mission, "Building Dream project." Watercolour painting workshops for people with disability, 
5) a finalist of City of Ryde Women Competition, 
6) a front book cover design of "Linguistic Diversity and Social Justice,"  (Oxford University Press) 
and other new projects are ongoing. 

I've learned a lot from grants application and solo exhibitions. Always so many people have helped me. Thank you. These activities are establishing more network that is developing my projects now. With those experiences, I hope myself to grow as a visual artist in 2016. 
Btw, I finally came back to an Urban Sketcher Australia meeting this Dec after the fractures. I bumped a sketcher at Queen Victoria Building in City several weeks ago. Fortunately, the street was closed for construction! No traffic! Another member's great idea, "Sadami, let's draw it now." We could not miss very the best opportunity to sketch the QVB from the front. Yes, this sketch is, too, my reference for an ongoing project.  
It was wonderful to sketch QVB with the friend. It lifted me upThe fractured shoulder was very painful though, we really enjoyed it. In all, I spent two days to finish it up. 
I am on the mend. Soon, I'll see doctors. I hope I will get good news. 
May 2016 be a wonderful year for you all. 
Friends, Happy Painting. Have nice holidays! But don't hurry.



  1. Qué éxito que has llegado a alcanzar en el 2015. Te felicito. Y creo que es la base del que tendrás en el 2016. Con eso, ya es más que suficiente. No pretendas más! Y vendrán de nuevos, aunque no los busques!
    Yo no pretendo más que pasarlo bien dibujando y de tanto en tanto algunas acuarelas. Ya soy feliz así y me considero con el objetivo cumplido.
    También hacer otro libro de bares antiguos, históricos y emblemáticos. Me gusta mucho.
    Pertenezco a Urban Sketchers Spain, pero prefiero salir por mi cuenta y de vez en cuando con algún grupo.
    Esos dibujos que has hecho, sean de niños, como el sketcher, son maravillosos. Eres un crack!
    Feliz año 2016 y un fuerte abrazo.

    1. Muchas gracias, Joshemari! Su apoyo me ha permitido alcanzar estos logros. Eres amado por tanta gente que te rodea. Es maravilloso compartir la alegría con los demás a través de su obra de arte. Compartiendo la alegría es la clave en nuestras actividades de arte. En cuanto a ser profesional, requiere de éxito comercial en algún nivel. He trabajado duro y lo hizo en el 2015. Estoy aprendiendo mucho de cómo hacerlo. No es fácil, pero muchas personas con experiencia felizmente me ayudan y me animan como tú.
      Sé que usted pertenece a dibujantes urbanos sin embargo, nuestra vida debe ser lo primero y la necesidad de equilibrio de tiempo. Sí, por favor, sigue a tu corazón. Yo también. Espero con interés sus bocetos en 2016. Haznos feliz, Joshemari!
      Feliz 2016 y un gran ((Abrazo)) !!
      Mis mejores deseos, Sadami

      Thank you very much, Joshemari! Your support has enabled me to reach these achievements. You're beloved by so many people around you. It's wonderful to share joy with others through your art work. Sharing joy is the key in our art activities. Regarding being professional, it requires commercial success at some level. I've worked hard and made it in 2015. I'm learning lot how to do it. Not easy, but many experienced people happily assist me and encourage me like you.
      I know you belong to Urban sketchers though, our lives must come first and need balancing of time. Yes, please FOLLOW YOUR HEART. Me, too. I look forward to your sketches in 2016. Make us happy, Joshemari!
      Happy 2016 and a big (( Hug )) !!
      Best wishes, Sadami

      >>>>Joshemari said...
      How successful you've got to achieve in 2015. I congratulate you. And I think that is the basis of that you will have in 2016. With that, it's more than enough. Do not pretend more! And they come new, but not the look!
      I do not claim more than fun drawing and from time to time some watercolors. I'm happy as well and I consider the mission accomplished.
      Also make another book of ancient, historical and emblematic bars. I like a lot.
      Urban Sketchers belong to Spain, but rather go on my own and occasionally with some group.
      Those drawings you've done, children are like sketcher, are wonderful. You are the best!
      Happy 2016 and a big hug.

  2. Te deseo un feliz 2016, Sadami. ¡Que se cumplan todos tus proyectos!
    Un abrazo.

    1. Gracias, Onera por su apoyo cálido y fuerte durante todo el año! Usted, también, mantenerse al día dibujando y vamos a compartir la alegría en 2016. 2016 será un año maravilloso para ti. Mis mejores deseos, Sadami

      Thank you, Onera for your warm and strong support all through the year! You, too, keep up sketching and let's share joy in 2016. 2016 will be a wonderful year for you. Best wishes, Sadami

      >>>Onera said...
      I wish you a happy 2016, Sadami.May all your projects are met!
      A hug.

  3. Great resolutions, Sadami, and an impressive list of achievements. I hope next year is even more productive and satisfying. And yes, hurry slowly! :)
    Wow, this building! I wouldn't imagine drawing that without a ruler and straight angle.
    I love the two children, you are so good in capturing emotions!

    1. Thank u, sweet Blaga! I'll work on the picture book illustrations. Helen is awaiting my come back to work after the healing. Regarding QVB, oh, you make me smile. I think myself; I'm not good at drawing straight lines. I heard an art teacher's same comment on my building drawing in art class ten yrs ago, when I was teaching adults Japanese at Christian Community Centre in local community (*a volunteering teacher may attend one class in turn of teaching). I said, "No, it's free hand." The teacher hugged me and asked me to teach drawing and watercolour painting. Shy Salami shrugged shoulders. Blaga, I feel freehand lines look more straight and natural than lines by rulers. I do doodles on paper like an athlete does jog and stretching. I draw simple straight lines and circles. Have your own “warm ups” in drawing and painting. Best wishes, Sadami

  4. What a productive and successful 2015! For 2016, I wish you more of the same minus the fall (and good healing and strong bones!!).

    1. Oh, thank you, Rhonda! Yes, I'll be healthy and sound. I heartily hope you, too, be healthy. I'll produce picture books and focus on them. Best wishes, Sadami

  5. You had a very successful year, Sadami! I hope and wish for you that the new year will bring more success!

    1. Thank you, sweet Judy! I'll produce picture books and focus on them. That's a lot of work. You, too, enjoy drawing and watercolour!! Best wishes, Sadami

  6. what charming paintings, Sadami. Happy New Year!

  7. What a successful year, Sadami!! I wish you all the best for this new one and hope you get better soon!! And never forget to follow your bliss!! Hugs.

    1. Thank u, Anna. You, too, have a successful year and achieve something always. I wish you, too, have a wonderful and happy new year. Best wishes, hugs, Sadami

  8. love the facade ! wishing you a very happy and creative new year sadami .... glad you are on the mend wishing you a good recovery .

    1. Thank u, Jane. I hope you, too, get well and full recovery. Enjoy watercolour painting. I look forward to your good news and creative work in 2016. Best wishes, Sadami

  9. Happy New year, sadami. Hugs Je te souhaite le meilleur pour 2016 Isabelle

    1. Thank u so much, Isabelle!! You, too, 2016 will be a wonderful year! Best wishes, Sadami