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Saturday, March 2, 2019

SCBWI international conference

I saw many old/new friends and publishers. Thank you very much, Susanne Gervay and SCBWI team, for organising it. Walker editor Donna Rawlins celebrated my job, "You're achieving so well. Beautiful work." I replied, "You taught me!" Humble Donna said, "No, no, I taught you nothing. Natural." Oh, Donna, you are a wonderful lecturer at Sydney uni Children Picture Book Illustration Course!! 

Illustrators Showcase, Courtesy of SCBWI photo

My folio is at the left hand 
Image may contain: 3 people, people sitting
Susanne Gervay
Elise Hurst, an old illustrator friend since my debut, is always sweet and elegant! She has published already more than 50 books, famous for imaginative vintage pen drawings of surrealism, yet, sweet and kind. Elise, you always encourage me. Thank you! (other publishers and friends are in my fb. Come over, Sadami Konchi's FB, if you want to see more.)  
Another interesting workshop was Dr Mari Reisberg in a blue shirt, was presented by US editor and art director (*The Children's Book Academy). Her lecture was practical and logical on both illustration and writing. Alison-Jane Rice well remembered me in the past ASA event, "the one word, one day," fundraising for Indigenous Literature. So kind Libby Hathorn came to support me and promoted me to key persons and publishers. Thanks millions, Libby! Btw, lunch was so yummy!!
I kept in touch with my mentors in Melbourne, Helen and Books Illustrated and informed them ongoings by mobile. They, too, supported my debut in SCBWI and an international market. The conference gave us a wonderful networking and learning opportunity. 
Friends, that's what we, illustrators, authors, publishers do in conferences and workshops. Go and join them and get a chance.  I'll chat over "Illustrator's Showcase" more later. 
Happy Painting!! 



  1. A very successful conference by the look of all those happy faces! Thank you for sharing, Sadami :)

    1. Oh, so kind Chris, thank you very much! Yes, the conference is a meeting spot for us. Later, I'd post the folio. Cheers, Sadami