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Sunday, September 27, 2020

Eryldene, Camellia Garden

Eryldene is the most exquisite place, they say. 
Quite an interesting and inspiring man, Prof Waterhouse was a linguist and expert of the camellia! He co-founded the Australian and New Zealand Camellia Research Society. His house is designed to look along camellias, a temple, a fountain and a tennis court etc. Click this map. Camellias are very popular and common in Japan, do you know?  

Prof Waterhouse’s enthusiasm of camellias is inspiring. He started studying Japanese in 80s and conquered it! I know a Japanese art dealer who mastered French because it was the lingua franca in an international art market. It’s never too late to study.  
Friends, never give up and let's try to reach stars : watercolour painting, portraits, picture book illustration, whatever.  
Happy painting all the time! 




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    1. Art Traveller, Thank you very much for kind encouragements. You, too, enjoy drawing and painting. Best wishes, Sadami

  2. Νice art blog with very wonderful paintings !!!

    1. Dear Art Traveller, I heartily hope your blogs will go well and share your joy with others in painting and drawing. Best wishes, special thanks, Sadami