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Monday, December 14, 2020

Sadami's May Gibbs Fellowship moved to Oct 2022

My May Gibbs Fellowship is rescheduled to Oct in 2022 due to the Covid restrictions. I greatly appreciate May Gibbs Institution’s support and you, friends’ encouragement.

This gum tree always gives me joy. Gum trees are a part of our identity, which represents May Gibbs’ work. 
Gumnut babies may come up? Hello, babies!!
Friends, stay positive, safe and happy. Let's enjoy life and drawings! 
Thank you for support and encouragement. 
Full of sunshine. Our summer is always beautiful, lively and vivid.



  1. Love those flowers! I know you will do a great job and have a great time when you get to your fellowship time - it will speed by as soon as we see January/February of 2021 come rolling in :). Have a wonderful holiday season!!

    1. Oh, sooooo sweet Rhonda! Thank u!! How much you've supported and encouraged me this year. Your love and friendship is beyond my words. Please take care. You are in my prayer and always think of you. Have a wonderful family time. Stay safe. Enjoy your life!! Love, ((Hugs)), Sadami