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Friday, February 19, 2021

Haiku, Japanese shortest poetry style

I’m preparing for the presentation in the International Conference on Poetry run by CBCA for the Children's Book Council of Australia. I'm writing the article for children, being asked by CBCA. Haiku is the world shortest poetry style developed in Japan. Today, it has become very popular in the world! In English, three lines or one breath. My own haiku and the translation.

A baby the first step
in all fresh green
sunshine showering.


Haiku comes out from your heart and reaches others in any language.
Look forward to my article in the CBCA's newsletter. 

について 国際会議 での プリゼンテーション 準備中 です. 俳句 , 世界で, 最も 短い 定型詩 です. 英語 では, 3 or 一息 なります. 自作 の俳句 です. 俳句はどの言葉でもあなたの から 出て, 相手に 届きます.
Thank you for support. I'm enjoying my work everyday! 



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    1. Thank you very much, Art Traveller!! Let's enjoy drawing and painting.

  2. beautiful sunshine showering :) I love it !

    1. Oh, sweet Meera, thank u for the strong support always. I'm becoming very busy and happy. Best wishes, Sadami