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Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Work with CBCA Kids Corner

I’m so busy with the preparing the picture book publication, the filming Libby Hathorn and my workshop for International Conference and the other projects. Honoured that I'm a featured artist CBCA Kids’ Corner! Kids' Corner invites children and anyone to Literature and Reading. My image is the cover. I created it with hope and wish for inclusion and a world peace. Also, my haiku arcile is in. Enjoy, students, anyone who loves poetry. It’s a universal language. Can you see Kids' Corner Mouse is flying in the cover? Thank you very much for your hard work, CBCA, Kids' Corner team! 楽しい 子供 ナー 大人も 小学   しめる, CBCA 発行する本や文学に誘う刊誌 です. 3 月号, 私は 特集され イラストレーター , 私のかいた 俳句 記事 が採用されました. 世界平和 への をこめて, この カバー イラスト をかきました.



  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! way to go !

    1. Oh, thank u, sweet Meera! It's great to work with CBCA. I hope you'll enjoy drawing more than ever. Best wishes, Sadami