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Monday, April 12, 2021

Colourful White Lilies like Fire Works

I enjoyed Yuko Nagayama workshop on lilies! She always taught us how to draw a lily meticulously and even biologically! But this time, I played with colours and chose not to draw exactly accurate. She gave me feedback that my colourful "white" lilies looked like fire works. Yes, that was my image. Lovely to enjoy still life for the first time in my life. The pandemic is a great opportunity to study my unfamiliar areas such as still life. I want to grow as an artist. Also, Yuko had passionately talked about the importance of drawing skills. Drawing skills are equivalent to a person's car driving skills which allows a person to go anywhere she wants to go in work. Yes, I want to improve my drawing skills more than ever. 
Friends, Happy Painting. Take care and stay safe in the pandemic. 



  1. Beautiful!!! Even though you were not biologically correct in the drawing, you made them look just like big lilies because you know what they look like and it shows :).

    1. Oh, sweet Rhonda, thank you! Yes, they were so big lilies. I felt "Life" in them. It was the end of the life, too. So precious I felt and learned it from those lilies. You, too, please take care and stay safe! Cheers, Sadami