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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Painting = Looking at Subject

This boy stole my dear friend's heart and mine, too. Have you ever observed a cat's movement, colours and texture? It's a great fun. So fascinating. A first step of drawing / painting is "Looking." Looking at a subject carefully with a great interest is, in my view, a half way through in the painting process. Watching gives me the solutions and challenges in drawing. Friends, enjoy looking and painting together!

#watercolour #birmancat #pencildrawing #sketch この, イケナイ #男の子 は 友人の #ハート を 盗んで #虜 に しました! #猫#毛#毛づくろい を みるの は 興味深いです. よく見る こと は 私の 考え では, 半分 既絵 を かいている の に 等しいです.


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