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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

4 Wise Qs Check Your Life Option

4 questions to check your life option.
1) Are you happy?
2) Are you happier every year?
3) Do you make other people happy?
4) If you had your life again, would you choose the same life?

Sure, my answers were all "Yes!"
While I was having a treatment at hospital, a catholic nun--coincidence, who sat beside me-- told these wise Qs that
were originally from psychology. They are spot on.

As long as I'm working on drawing and painting, I'm so happy. Especially, m
usicians and buskers are my favorites. They bring us smiles, laugh and aah, ooooh! Their movements and atmosphers are so colorful.
Sketching and quick watercolors are products from my instinct and technically, "happy accidents." I play with colors and enjoy washes.

In the process of painting, I just obey to my feelings and put colors. I've hardly organized a plan to make a work. And I always keep smiling, while I'm sketching. Even I dance, sing with music players together. Poeple call me a "happy girl."

Joy must come first for my drawing and painting!

Often people ask, "Isn't it hard to catch models moving around?" No. Not at all. We, human beings are made in "3D." So, seeing models from different angles is essential such as from a side, a back, whatever. For me, an ideal model demonstrates movements.

In commissioned work, customers often show me photos facing a camera straight. It can be some help, but not much. My style needs more information, especially in order to make
a natural face expression and movement in work.

Even though musicians and buskers send me inspirations and happiness, financially, their lives are very tough. We, artists, too. But I'm sure none of musicians, buskers nor artists regrets life option. All these artists are mentally very rich.

I assume the happiest life is "Be faithful and honest to one's own dream."


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