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Monday, May 24, 2010

Seize This Moment : Past, Present & Future

My secret definition ; artists are guardians of time. I try to catch the critical moment in sketching human figures.

I slipped into the past, Medieval Fayre in
Blacktown. So many interesting displays and shows. There, I captured the moment when a lady tried to get a thread through a needle's eye. Her dresses reminded me of Frans Hals's portraits(*I'm his big fan!). Wow, indeed, her group, The Pike & Musket Society displayed his pictures on a table. Aftermath, when I came back to the present, I felt a bit strange about our world and giggled.

But a past ubiquitously comes up in the present. The other day, I sketched a uni student juggling balls on a campus. When I was at uni, some students were practicing juggling etc on lawns. Today, exactly the same! History repeats itself?! Students and I soon became friends and enjoyed a chat over "how to get through a course," and
"how to get money & survive as bunskers?!". Hahaha, nothing different!!

I also sketched a man calling for customers to a
bargain before closing a shop. His face told me, "Life is not easy at this moment," but his face expression moved me.
I often think of this ; What is a moment? My answer is..." a piece of eternity." What is eternity? My answer is ..."gathering moments. " I always wonder what time is. Even though a physics teacher never satisfied me, I, at least, got why there were physics and metaphysics in subjects.
And I chose brushes and pencils to seize a moment.

When I sketch a baby, I feel I'm touching a future hiding in it.

Time moves on from a past, to the present and into the future.I'll record time in my art works.

Here's the very interesting blog "International Routie-the Blog" that uploaded my images. You can enjoy time travel like me.


  1. Tu sabes captar el momento con gran maestría. saludos

  2. Dear Sadami,
    what a beautiful moments that you've captured!. All of them different and special. From the lady threading the needle, to the baby... all of them. It is very beautiful and refreshing look at life through your wonderful work. Tey fill me with optimism. Thank you!

    Regards and hugs!

  3. Dear Carlos,
    Thank you so much for your kind encouragements! I know, you, too!!

    >>>Carlos wrote
    You know capture the moment with great skill. Regards

  4. Dear Carmen,
    Thank youuuu!! Your beautiful work, too, brings others joy of life. I'll keep up sketching.
    Kind regards and hugs,

  5. Seize the moments - and keep them. Great!

    Kind regards

  6. Dear Vertippsel,
    Thank you for your encouragement!! Your work has a great mood that attracts us. Amazing. You, too, please keep up your wonderful work.
    Kind regards,

  7. Greetings from the USA! I remember you bought a book from me. We have had many beautiful e-mail conversations. Your art is always a delight!

  8. Dear Patricia,
    Thanks millions. Yeah~~!! Certainly, I remember you, too and enjoy conversations that overcome space, time and distance! Let us share your beautiful art work.
    Cheers, wink, wink,

  9. Ohhh. The juggler sketch is superb. The concentration there.

  10. Dear Keith,
    Thank you for visiting this blog! I love your drawings, too. The beauty of lines.
    Concentration & careful observation. Sports & sports-like movements have patterns to repeat. So, I try to catch the repeat and pick up a drama.
    Kind regards,