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Monday, July 19, 2010

KuRingGai Annual Exhibition On. Let's Find a Little Happiness...

KuRingGai 45th Annual Exhibition is ON.
Venue : St Ives Shopping Centre Time : 19th Monday July to 25th Sunday
166 Mona Vale Rd St Ives
NSW 2075 Australia
(02) 9488 7077

My submitted work is, "Young Artist."
Portrait is hard to sell, others said. To their exhibitions, I never submitted any portrait, my most favorite area. But it was not my style at all. An exhibition is a good place for an artist to advertise who she is and what works look like. I want to demonstrate myself as a portraitist. Whatever others say, the point is to be what I am. Selling art work is a second issue.

So, from now on, I will submit figurative works to exhibitions. Anyway, wish me good luck.

Now, I go back to my topic.

"Let's Find a Little Happiness..."

Even though small spending,
my secret stress management strategy is... having an ice cream! Yeah!!Looking at happy children is so lovely. (*Indeed, this very cute little girl is printed on my business cards!)

My another stress management strategy is...
shopping around markets for secondhand goods. This lady, as if she were coming out from a children picture book's fairy tale.

After shopping or enjoying events, I sometimes go to a beach to listen to waves and look at their colors.
I assume a sky and a sea fell in love. Alas, they could not get together. So, an ocean turned to be very deep blue- green, reflecting a sky's blue...
Deep green, the color of life, calms me down... and gives me energy for tomorrow.

Probably, we do not need too many or too much things on the earth. Small things make me happy and of course, painting and drawing, too!

I live in a very simple way.



  1. Great work!! very expressive like usual.

  2. Dear Carlos,
    Thanks millions! I really love your work, too!!
    Kind regards,

  3. Wonderful work!, dear Sadami. I love it.
    Congratulations for this exhibition.
    Hugs, kisses and smiles

  4. Dear Carmen,
    Thank you sooooo much!!
    Hugs, kisses and best smiles,

  5. Tus retratos y bocetos de personas siempre me han dejado maravillado, dominas el dibujo como nadie, y dices que estas empezando con las marinas,pues ya te salen fenomenal, esta ola se rompe en mi pantalla, es una maravilla.
    Esperamos más,

  6. Dear Frances,

    Thank you for kind encouragements. I learn lots from your landscapes(what a great teacher!!).
    Often too windy and cold to sketch a sea in winter. So, I do it sometimes from a car parked on a beach. One day, I want to sketch a windjammer.
    Keep up your wonderful work!!

    Kind regards,

    >>>>>>>Frances wrote<<<<<<<<<<
    Your pictures and sketches of people always left me amazed, dominate the picture as anyone, and say you're starting with the sea, for it will come out great, this wave breaks on my screen, is a marvel.
    We expect more,

  7. Sadami, tus dibujos y especialmente el primero, del mar: EXCELENTES!
    Espero que la computadora te pueda traducir mis textos porque soy incapaz de escribir en Inglés.

  8. Estimado Joshemari,
    ¡Muchas gracias! Estoy muy contento con vuestro ánimo. Voy a mantener el buen trabajo y esperamos que tu carga siguiente.
    Tipo reagards,

    Dear Joshemari,
    Thank you so much!! I'm very happy with your encouragements. I'll keep up good work and look forward to your next upload.
    Kind reagards,

    >>>>>Joshemari said
    Sadami, your drawings and especially the former, the sea: EXCELLENT!

  9. Wow Sadami, your work is beautiful. Very nice portraits and figures.

  10. Dear Bonnie,
    Thank you so much! So your works are!! Portraits and figures are my most favorite. Next week, I'll upload quickies of people. Bonnie, your story really moved me and touched me. I send you my best wishes and cheers.
    Kind regards,

  11. Sadami!

    I adore the green-tinted waters in the first painting!


  12. Dean!
    Thank you~~! I sketched a sea in the car in the freezing cold winter afternoon. Keep up your interesting blogs.
    Kind regards,