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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Successful Op & Recovering!

The operation is success! Thank you, Friends!
My fingers move well, even though the hand is still sore. (*Full recovery will take 3 months.) Hahahaha, my quick sketches have entertained hospital staff and impressed the hand surgeon so much.
OK, my surgery was rather hilarious and very merrily.
In an operating theatre,
I was conscious during the performance. I saw a doctor in the puppy cap, bright orange. "I like puppies!" I said. That doctor smiled, "Thank you!"
I enjoyed hand surgeons' chat over my hand. Although I hardly understood technical jargon, their cheerful voices swept away my concerns. The main doctor was explaining my hand to other surgeons. Although a local anesthesia blocked the nerve in the hand, I felt "stitching." The main doctor's final say was so funny that gave me a big laugh at the end.
After the op, a surgeon asked with a big smile, "Nice? Come again?"
Ahahaha, no thanks! Once is enough.
You see, not scary at all.
Nice doctors cared for me.
(A left hand drawing. Hey, it works well!!
**painted with the right hand.)

Behind my braveness and serenity, there were your cheers and my full trust in the hand surgeon. My hand surgeon clearly explained about these things : diagnosis, prognosis and the pros and cons of a surgery. Interestingly, according to the surgeon, my hand would move better than ever after the operation. Then, the specialist left me the decision. I was respected as an agency. Brilliant.
(My sketch makes the staff & patinets happy!
That's wonderful to see!)

Still my right hand is weak, but my brush "dances" on paper like before. Relieved.
Below, I sketched the musician at a pub. Everybody there loved this work. Ah, what a joy to do painting and drawing!!
The quick decision to have a surgery was right. Time will heal the trauma.
I'll get back to the picture book project.

Really, really thank you, all the Friends, with my special feelings beyond language. YOU, have cheered me up and been worried about me. I could get over the tough things. Also, I've found as long as drawing/painting stays with me, I can bear almost anything. Another happy finding is my work sings for joy that brings others joy, too!

Friends, Happy Painting!



  1. Hi Sadami, So pleased everything went well. I had been wondering how you were. Wonderful to see you so positive about it all and drawing as well. Happy recovery.

  2. Hi Sadami! So glad your op was successful! And still sketching in hospital! Great sketches! I hope you heal quickly. Take care!

  3. HI Sadami- so glad to here op went well. All the best for a speedy and full recovery!!!!!

  4. Sadami, all of our healing thoughts have helped the surgeons I am sure, your hand is a precious gift, I am so glad it will be healed. Carole

  5. Dear Ann,
    Thank you!! Your kind thoughts have helped me stay positive. I'll get well!! Doctors, staff and patients enjoy my sketches. Hope my little sketches will make the clinic happy.

  6. Hi, Judy,
    Thank you! Sketching there sounds crazy? Particularly, I tried to memorize surroundings. It calmed me down in the theatre. In the clinic, we share joy, rather than pain through my sketches! Thank goodness for drawing and painting!!
    Love, Sadami

  7. Dear Liz,
    Thank you! I really look forward to seeing you and other skech club members!!

  8. Oh, Carole,
    Yes, sure it is!! One day, you and I have to have a "joint exhibition" at hospital! I'll get well soon.

  9. You have an amazing spirit and attitude. Get well soon.

  10. Hi,AK,
    Thank you! Sure, so you are!! I'll get well soon.

  11. Loved your post, your sense of humor :) the sketches are a testimony to your talent! - what a neat idea to memorize the surroundings - but then of course it takes special talent and diligence to put it on paper. I wish you speedy recovery

  12. Dear Meera,
    Thank you! Indeed, memorizing the surroundings and thinking of a picture composition was fun on a "table." I'll get well soon!!

  13. I am SOOO happy to hear everything went well and you are delighting the staff and patients with your drawing already - right after surgery!!! You are an amazing force of nature, Sadami!!!

  14. Yey, Rhonda!!
    Thank you! We know drawing is a universal and POPULAR language! Rhonda, you, too, take care. I really hope you feel better, too.

  15. Hi Sadami! I'm so happy that your operation was successful! You have an incredible spirit, I admire you! Hugs! Tito.

  16. Hi, Tito!!
    Thank you! Hospital staff really welcome me. Ahahahaha! Next week, they remove my stiches.
    Hugs & smile, Sadami

  17. Nice to see all is OK with your hand ! Your joy through the seas, stay happy!

  18. Oh, Lydie,
    Thank you! Yes, you, too, stay happy and enjoy drawing!!

  19. Sadami - I've been thinking and thinking about you all this time and am so excited to read your post. All is going well, great! Thank you, thank you for checking in to let us know. The incision area is not as big as I thought - neat little stitches. You are sketching so well too. There's no difference; as confident and lively as ever!
    Continue to grow well!

  20. Congratulations on a successful surgery Sadami! Get well quickly! Best wishes, Dora

  21. Hi, Nanina,
    Thank you! Me, too, thinking of you and looking up your blog, too. My hand surgeon has a good reputation, indeed, so good at it! Nerves pressured in a narrow tunnel at a wrist cause pain and numbness in fingers. So, the goal of a surgery is to open up and gives nerves more space.
    Sketching is fun and I'll enjoy it more than ever! You, too, enjoy art activities.

  22. Yahoo, Dora!
    Thank you! Yey! I'll get well soon and visit your blog!!

  23. This such GREAT news Sadami! I'm so happy everything went so well. LOVE the paintings of the doctors in surgery.

    Happy healing and hugs!

  24. さだみさんへ




  25. Querida Sadami, leyendo tus notas me he sentido muy muy feliz, feliz por saber el exito de tu operación, y feliz porque contagias alegria. Gracias por estar otra vez con nosotros.

  26. Me alegra mucho que todo haya ido bien, Sadami. Espero que esos tres meses que faltan para tu total recuperación pasen rapidamente.
    Enhorabuena. Un abrazo.

  27. You take life with great joy, you are very nice ; )
    Your very beautiful watercolors

  28. Dear Teri,
    Thank you! Your blog always comforts me and encourages viewers. The hospital staff welcomes me now. Yes, I'm having happy healing.

  29. Dear HaniHani,
    そう、あのジョークは受けたわあ。 余談ですが、よく両手にこの症状を併発し、左右ともども手術するケース多し、だって。一度でいいワ!

  30. Querida Tina,
    ¡Muchas gracias! Sus gritos me hizo pasar por un momento difícil. Vamos a disfrutar de las actividades de arte juntos otra vez!
    Amor, Sadami

    Dear Tina,
    Thank you so much! Your cheers made me get through a tough time. Let us enjoy art activities together again!

    >>>Tina said...
    Dear Sadami, reading your notes I felt very very happy, happy to know the success of your operation, and happy because contagias joy. Thanks for being with us again.

  31. Estimado Onera,
    Yey, gracias! Voy a buena salud y nos gusta dibujar juntos como antes.
    Grandes abrazos, los Sadami

    Dear Onera,
    Yey, thank you!! I'll get well soon and let us enjoy drawing together like before.
    Big hugs,Sadami

    >>>Onera said...
    I'm so glad everything went well, Sadami. I hope those three months leading up to your full recovery quickly pass.
    Congratulations. A hug.

  32. Hi, Sadeu,
    Thank you! You always care for many bloggers. Your cheers have helped me. Let us enjoy drawing together again.

  33. So nice to know that all is well and you are back!!!!!

  34. Hi,Maria,
    Thank you! Back & working on the project. Your cheers are my energy. Enjoy teaching and drawing.

  35. Great sketches, Sadami! I'm so glad the surgery went smoothly. It sounds like you had a reliable, skilled surgeon. I've had some experiences with surgery in recent years, so I envy you a little.

  36. Hi,Debbie,
    Thank you and sorry for your experiences. Sadly, patinets' rights are often uder valued in Japan. I really hope a Japanese medical system will respect clients=human beings. My hand surgeon is the key person teaching others. Quite impressive. I hope many learning hand surgeons will follow that doctor!
    Cheers, Sadami

  37. Hola sadami, enhorabuena por el éxito de la operación, me alegro que todo haya ido bien, y que hayas conservado tu humor y tu arte para el dibujo, el músico es fantástico,un abrazo.

  38. Hola, Francis,
    ¡Muchas gracias! Sí, el "sentido del humor" = VEW objetivo de uno mismo. Me sentí siempre y cuando mantenga un VEW tranquila, con una risa sana se quedaría conmigo. "El músico" se convirtió en mi obra favorita. Voy a trabajar en un proyecto de libro de imágenes.
    Cheers,un abrazo Sadami

    Hi, Francis,
    Thank you so much! Yes, "sense of humour" = objective vew of oneself. I felt as long as keep a calm vew, a healthy laugh would stay with me. "The musician" became my favorite work. I'll work on a picture book project.
    Cheers, a hug Sadami

    >>>Francis said...
    Sadami Hi, congratulations on the success of the operation, I'm glad everything went well, and you've kept your humor and your art for drawing, the musician is fantastic, a hug.

  39. hi sadami so very very glad to read your op was a success ..a huge relief for you ..can't believe you are alrady sketching and your op great hand sketch there !!! have a good w-e ... ciao j

    Estaba preocupado del silencio y no me atrevía a preguntártelo.
    A recuperarte pronto!!
    Un gran beso!

  41. Hi,Jane,
    Thank you! The hand surgeon is very famous whom all my medical team recommended. Dr encouraged me to use the hand more and more. Indeed, I sketched the dr! A trauma clinic staff is enjoying my sketches. Hahaha!! You,too, enjoy watercolour. I love your washes and admire your skills.

  42. Yey, Joshemari!
    Smack, justo! ¡Gracias! Este domingo, van a quitar mis puntos de sutura. Sus blogs son tan amables y me confortó tanto en el momento difícil. Joshemari, mantener el ritmo de trabajo maravilloso y que nuestro mundo sea feliz.
    Un gran beso! Sadami

    Yey, Joshemari!!
    Smack, smack!! Thank you! This Wed, they will remove my stiches. Your blogs are so nice and comforted me so much at the tough time. Joshemari, keep up wonderful work and make our world happy.
    A big kiss!Sadami

    >>>Joshemari said...
    I was worried about the silence and I dared not ask you.
    To recover soon!
    A big kiss!

  43. So glad to hear your surgery was a great success and you are on the mend. Your sketches show little of your current weakness. Happy healing, Sadami.

  44. sorry its taken me so long to get here ( friend visiting )
    But now I have I am delighted to hear of your successful op *jumping*
    Onwards and upwards, my friend! xxxx

  45. Hi, Jean,
    Thank you~! You're always caring and give me a timely comment in need. I'd really appreciate your kindness and will pay back to society.

  46. Hi, Pat,
    Thank you! No worries! I know you're so busy and popular in a real life and net. I'll get well completely. You, too, enjoy art activities.

  47. Hello Sadami!

    how are you? where have you been? it's been a long i haven't heard from you!!!

    take care!

    best regards,

  48. Yahoo, Alfred!!
    Thank you! I've been to hospital and 'm recovering after the hand surgery. Let us have fun together!
    Best regards, Sadami

  49. sadami, I'm happy that it's over and all is going for the best !
    even in the hospital you never stop your paintings ! you are
    just wonderful !
    wish you a fast healing !
    see you soon !
    bisous Sadami

  50. Hi, Marty,
    Thank you for the kind say! I'll get well soon. This Wed, they'll remove my stiches.
    Love and smile,Sadami

  51. Hi Sadami
    I am glad that it went very well. All the best for a quick recovery.


  52. Hi,Evelyn,
    Thank you! I'm getting better! So happy!!