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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

May 25, Maxine McKew, EDiM for Sydney Sketch Club

Hi, Friends, this is not a Muppet though, I chose a different "M." This lady, Maxine McKew is a lovely Australian lady, journalist and former politician of the Labour Party led by Kevin Rudd. She created an epic scene in Australian history. In 2007, she beat John Howard, the second longest-serving Australian prime minister of the Coalitifon Party in Bennelong, the election section

I was in Bennelong and saw Maxine's election campaign and her political life. Apart from political colours, in my eyes, she worked so hard especially for the disadvantaged such as people with disability and marginalised people and school/education. She dashed to Cammberra and dashed back to Bennelong to do community work as well as potics. Maxine was very sensitive and so caring for residents -- was my honest impression. 
Today, Maxine is not in politics, but in welfare work, the research of education policy and publishing industry. Her enthusiasm and dedication is great, particularly, for education and children's better future. We, women can share passion for any children's welfare issues beyond ideology or reason. I sometimes bump her in Sydney Writers Festival, book launch and other big events. She is very poplular at any big events and crazy busy, but she never forgets me, finds even a few seconds and talks to me. I really appreciate her kindness. 

A next theme is "Mountain."  Friends, Happy Painting!  



  1. Over here in the UK, I have to admit not having heard of this lady, but you paint a lovely picture of her in words and watercolour :-)

    1. Really?! Maxine was not a hot topic in UK? Your say surprises me. Yes, she is really a nice lady. Kind regards, Sadami

  2. Very interesting Sadami, and I am sure she'd be delighted with her portrait.

    1. Dear Carol, Yes, she's very delighted!! Me, too. Cheers, Sadami