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Thursday, May 14, 2015

May14, "something Monet" EDiM for Sydney Sketch Club

What sort of image do you have for Monet, a founder of Impressionism? Probably, his landscapes and water lilies are the most familiar work to us. I like his portrait work, too. This time, I enjoyed copying his selfportrait. Copying is a good practice to study technical things such as value, colour, composition etc in masterpieces. His work is oil.
My medium is watercolour and a style is very different from him. His eyes, value, colour use and brush strokes fascinated me so much. As if Monet were teaching me in person. Indeed, that's the purpose of copying and we learn lots. I'd say special thanks for Monet. (Hopefully, he would never complain about my copy!)  
Have you ever copied any masterpieces? (*In a copyrights law, for a study purpose, copying is allowed and clarify information resources. I highly recommend you to check your own country's copyrights law, when you draw and paint.) It is really good to know who I am in art. Whilst copying Monet's work, I've felt that I'm a watercolourist, certainly. I love portraits and illustration.   

Now, tomrrow's theme is, metacarpals (fingers) or metatarsals (toes). 
How come?? What shall I try?? Do you have any idea? 
Friends, Happy Painting!!



  1. Your portrait of Monet is wonderful. This year I visited his house in Giverny - such a beautiful garden - huge area packed with flowers. A painter's paradise. As to metacarpals - when I saw the word I immediately thought about anatomy, about finger's bones, X-ray photos etc. Maybe that's an idea. Or maybe someone will have more brillant advise about the matacarpals ;)

  2. Wow, thank you so much, Agnieszka, for a warm support and ideas! Yeah, they are bones, mmm. Btw, I'm jelous of your visit of Monet's house. I wish I could vist his place. But you have a wonderful and beautiful garden!! Enjoy your gardening. Best wishes, Sadami

  3. I love your masterpiece of Monet! He surely would love it too! Looking forward to see what you will do next, with fingers or/and toes!

    1. Thank you very much for your encouragement, Judy! Yes, a unique idea is the key. Othewise, work will bore viewers. Best wishes, Sadami

  4. Que trabajadora estás y cada dia mas inspirada!

    1. ¡ Tina dulce, muchas gracias!! Mis mejores deseos, Sadami
      Oh, sweet Tina, thank you so much!! Best wishes, Sadami

      >>> Tina said...
      Are working and every day more inspired!