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Monday, November 5, 2012

Don't Play Me, Pay Me!

I attended Arts Access Australia 2 day Conference, "Desire & Destination". It was very interesting in socio-economic aspects that covered people with disability from Australian daily life to a global phase. In a practical view, topics were from marketing in digital era and how to handle social media for publicity etc, etc. 

In a pragmatic way, particularly, I've learned, "Don't Play Me, Pay Me!" That sounds nice? Friends, we need courage to say "No" to an inappropriate fee.  
Setting price is a practical and serious matter for any artist, who has disability or not. All artists face a dilemma in negotiation with a third party in marketing. In publishing industry, licensing is the topic. In reproduction of art work, a respectful "fee" is vital as well as "Copyrights & Accreditation" for an artist's bread and butter.

Keynote Speaker Petra Kuppers
Associate Professor, English Department
 University of Michigan

Take an example of my watercolour sketch. It looks like an "easy work." Unfortunately, sometimes undervalued price offer comes. But in fact, so many years have been spent to learn it. Devoted time, labour and materials --- cost is a lot. Those huge investments are invisible and stay behind a look-like-easy work. Thus, misunderstanding happens.

Once, my mentor of landscape said, "Value your work. Otherwise, who values your work?" His encouragement was right.
Today, our peak body, Australian Society of Authors sets children picture book illustrastors' minimum wages at Rates and Conditions. So, based on the rates, our negotiation will go with a third party. You'll get why I call ASA, "Guardian Angel" for Australian illustrators and authors. 

Back to the topic, varied workshops. Eventually all come to "human rights" issues. The presenters passionately talked about hot topics -- currently facing issues such as grants for artists with disability, etc, etc and the bright future view and challenging.  We, participants -- artists with disability, workers, carers and so on -- learned lots through discussions. You can see the very well organized program that focuses on the past, present issue, ongoing problems and the future with hope. 

Emma Bennison, Arts Access Ausrtalia Chief Executive Officer

The kind program set an enough interval time between workshops. It allowed participants to move as their pace from door to door safely and comfortably. All the rooms provided big boards for voice reader function. The theatre set a sign language interpreter for audience.
One more very comfortable thing was no one looking at my leg asked "Why did you get disability?" from curiosity in a rude manner. 


In addition, I, personally, do not find a difference between people with disabilities and people without disabilities. We have same emotions and same nature. That's all! At the same time, we, human beings are all unique and different. In a big picture, some people might have a difficulty in walking like me, and others not, but that's all. 

This conference was brilliant to provoke the public awareness of how people with disabilities are living and struggling to achieve equality and accessibility in society. I hope that many people "without" disability will join AAA and Accessible Arts events.  

Now, although my right hand still has the inflammation, it works well. Thank you for the kind cheers. I'm working on illustrations. 
Friends, you, too, Happy Painting!!



  1. Claro que sí, amiga Sadami!!! No entiendo muy bien todo lo que quieres decir en este post, porque la traducción no es muy buena, pero pienso que tú eres una gran dibujante, independientemente de si tienes discapacidad o no!
    Acaso escribes y dibujas con las piernas? No! Tu capacidad de dibujar e ilustrar es fantástica!
    Muchos somos los que te admiramos por tu capacidad de dibujar y no nos entretenemos pensando en el físico!!
    Por cierto, fue bien tu operación por lo que leí la vez anterior. Me alegro mucho. Eres muy fuerte y tus ganas de trabajar te hacen superar todas las dificultades!!! Bravo!!
    Un fuerte abrazo.

    1. Hola, Joshemari,
      ¡Muchas gracias! Te recomiendo intentar «Bing traductor» sitio web Siempre disfruto sus comentarios y dibujos. Sus paisajes consigue más sofisticados y más suave que nunca! ¿Wow, cuándo usted tendrá una exposición?
      Con respecto a la cirugía de la mano, es muy acertada. Hoy, tengo la inflamación en mi mano derecha, pero voy a ver al especialista de mano esta semana. Soy muy optimista. Vamos a divertirnos!
      Saludos cordiales, Sadami

      Hi, Joshemari,
      Thank you very much! I recommend you to try "Bing Translator" website I always enjoy your comments and drawings. Your landscapes get more sophisticated and softer than ever! Wow, when will you have a solo exhibition?
      Regarding the hand surgery, it is very successful. Today, I have the inflammation in my right hand, but I'll see the hand specialist this week. I'm very optimistic. Let's have fun!
      Kind regards, Sadami

      >>>Joshemari said...
      Clear that Yes, friend Sadami! I do not understand very well what you want to say in this post, because the translation is not very good, but I think that you are a great artist, regardless if you have disabilities or not!
      Anything you write and draw with your legs? No! Your ability to draw and illustrate is fantastic!
      Many are those who admire you for your ability to draw and do not entertain us thinking on the physical!
      By the way, it went well your operation by what I read last time. I am very pleased. You are very strong and your desire to work make you overcome all difficulties! Bravo!
      A strong hug.

  2. Dices tener todavia la mano hinchada pero en tus dibujos no se aprecia son, como siempre, muy buenos. Y si hay diferencias en tu pintura sobre otras personas son las propias de tu personalidad que sentimos generosa y alegre! Un abrazo.

    1. Querida Tina,
      ¡¡Muchas gracias!! Siempre disfruto sus comentarios y dibujos. Sus paisajes consigue más sofisticados! ¿Wow, cuándo usted tendrá una exposición?
      En cuanto a la mano, es aceptable. Voy a ver al especialista de mano esta semana. Soy muy optimista. Vamos a divertirnos!
      Saludos cordiales, Sadami

      Dear Tina,
      Thank you very much!! I always enjoy your comments and drawings. Your landscapes get more sophisticated! Wow, when will you have a solo exhibition?
      Regarding the hand, it is ok. I'll see the hand specialist this week. I'm very optimistic. Let's have fun!
      Kind regards, Sadami

      >>>Tina said...
      You say still having swollen hand but in your drawings is not appreciated are, as always, very good. And if there are differences in your paint on other people are those of your personality we feel generous and cheerful! A hug.

  3. Hello Sadami:) I hear your hand is slowly going better. Please take it easy! About the prices to ask. I think that is my disability! Last week I sold my first painting. I was so happy and at the same time I was afraid I would scare him with a high price so I asked to less. I've learned from it and I don't regret; it was my first selling. I almost gave him money with it :)
    I love your sketches and say: till next time:) xx

    1. Dear Renate,
      Thank you!! Yes, my hand gets better, but slowly. Oh, pricing is not easy and that's not your disability (I love your humour!) Congratulations on your first sale!!! Bravo! Regarding fine art, it's not easy to set prices. So, I always check exhibitions. Illustrations could be a bit different from fine art, as we have minimum wages. I'm sure you'll sell more onward!!!
      Kind regards,wink, wink Sadami

  4. Payment is always a sticky subject and it seems there is no set prices for anything in my area. Some sell watercolor paintings (22" x 30" with extra mat and frame) for $500, some sell same size for $1500. A wide variety - because of what the area can support/what buyers will pay, or because of how the artist values their work - is $500 undervalued or is $1500 overvalued? No one seems to know! ha ha

    1. Hi, Rhonda,
      It is a very sticky and tricky subject. Your comment shows the reality of the topic, particularly, in fine art. No one knows how to set a price. I often thank for being an illustrator who has a guideline of fees.
      Kind regards, Sadami

  5. Magnífocos Sadami, cada vez mejor.
    Un saludo desde las antípodas!!!!

    1. Hola, Manuel,
      Gracias por la amable cheers. Usted, también, está disfrutando de dibujo y pintura. Nos dejan divertirse juntos!
      Cheers, Sadami

      Hi, Manuel,
      Thank you for the kind cheers. You, too, are enjoying drawing and painting. Let us have fun together!
      Cheers, Sadami

      >>>Manuel said..
      Magnífocos Sadami, getting better.
      Greetings from down under!

  6. Hi dear Sadami
    very good! a great approach this theme, sometimes misunderstood.
    The art and the gifts of each person are absolutamnete same for all beings!
    As for a price eplo work developed .... ah .. that delicate topic ... customers have a 'terrible and convenient' habit of minimize our work!
    Call 'traces', 'draft', or 'just an idea' ... and so will haggling, along with facial expressions of disdain true ...
    Around here, this is a serious case too!
    Tudoi requires of us, much more attention, sometimes literally running out, with the inspiration and willingness to work!
    Let us be attentive, my friend!
    A big hug and a great weekend!!

    1. Dear Denise,
      Thank you. Yes, pricing is a delicate and sticky topic. Like you point out mismatch between a consumer's offer and an artist's set pirce is a tragedy. Artists need dignity, but also, "income" to support themselved. The public must know without art -- music, drawing, performance, literacy etc -- what sort's of joy remains on the earth? If so, financial support for artists must be approriate.
      A big hug and you, too, have a great weekend!!

  7. Bravo! so many truths in this post Sadami, people often don't understand or don't want to understand the kind of expertise involved in the pictures that look easy. Sounds like you thoroughly enjoyed the conference, I'm so happy for you! Also I love your sketch of Emma Bennison.
    Hope your hand is much better by now :D

    1. Oh, Teresa, yey to see ye!!!
      Thank you so much. Pricing is a ticky topic. But important. The public must know without art -- music, drawing, performance, literacy etc -- what sort's of joy remains on the earth? If so, financial support for artists must be approriate.
      The conference inspired me so much. I'll join it. Very happy to know you share my joy. Oh, Teresa, you'er always so caring. Emma was born with the imparement in eye sight. Only I wish I could show it to her, (I told Emma so).
      I'm now working on the illustration porject!!You, too, take care. Hope my hand will go well.
      Kind regards, Sadami

  8. Good food for thought, like always on your blog, Sadami. You are right, there are years of experience and work that go into every 20-minute sketch.
    Your sketches of people are fabulous!
    Have a very nice and productive week!

    1. Hi, Blaga,
      Thank you so much! Like you said, the simple work is often the most difficult, which requires sophisticated techniques and years long experiences.
      I've started another illustration porject. I'll enjoy it. You, too, enjoy drawing and have a nice week!!
      Kind regards, Sadami

  9. Two serious subjects, Sadami. And both very important! I'm glad to hear your hand is getting better!

    1. Dear Judy,
      Thank you for warm cheers. Yes, both are so important. I'll see the hand specialist soon. I'm caring for it well.
      Kind regards, Sadami

  10. Dear Sadami,you speak with sincerity of topics that are usually silenced.
    The art market is so different from all the others and the art work sometimes is not even seen as a "real" job.
    At this the people in ancient times have reacted with guilds, trying to protect a category. If this problem is also added disability of some artists, everything becomes more complicated.
    I read and reflect, but I do not know enough to make a comment based...
    I admire you expressive art work and I enjoy for the improvements and new perspectives concerning your dear and precious hand!
    warmly Rita

    1. Dear Rita,
      Thank you very much. Yes, I've felt we need to speak out in a proper manner. As already you pointed out, art & artists' position is devalued. But the public must know without art -- music, drawing, performance, literacy etc -- what sort's of joy remains on the earth? If so, financial support for artists must be approriate. Although arts, pricing & artists with disability could be sticky topics, they need to be discussed openly -- is the first step for a better society.
      Very happy to know you shared joy in my drawings. Soon, I'll see the hand specialist. You, too, enjoy drawing and art fully.
      Kind regards, Sadami

  11. さだみさんへ


    1. Dear Midori,
      Kind regards, Sadami

  12. Hola querida Sadami. Estoy totalmente de acuerdo con lo que expones. El artista es un gran incomprendido, salvo algunas excepciones.
    Me gusta lo que has pintado, hay mucha soltura en las pinceladas y colores alegres.
    Por otra parte me alegra saber que la dolencia de tu mano va mejor.
    Un cálido abrazo. Sonia.

    1. Querida Sonia,
      Sí, me, demasiado, realmente de acuerdo con usted en cuanto a la fijación de precios.
      Muy feliz de saber que te haya gustado mis acuarelas. Luz y bailando sobre el papel es mi estilo. Hoy, el especialista de la mano y yo hemos reconocido mi mano mejor. Gracias por la amables cheers, Sadami

      Dear Sonia,
      Yes, me, too, really agree with you regarding the pricing.
      Very happy to know you enjoyed my watercolours. Light and dancing on paper is my style. Today, the hand specialist and I have recognized my hand better. Thank you for kind cheers, Sadami

      >>>Sonia said..
      Hello dear Sadami. I totally agree with what you post. The artist is a very misunderstood, with some exceptions.
      I like what you have painted, there is much ease in brush strokes and bright colors.
      On the other hand I am pleased to know that the sickness of your hand is better.
      A warm hug. Sonia.

  13. ciao Sadami,
    sono d'accordo con te anche se non so articolare le mie opinioni in inglese e la traduzione dall'italiano è sempre molto dubbia..
    I tuoi lavori, come ti ho già detto altre volte, rallegrano il cuore e la mente...sicuramente per raggiungere questo livello ci sono dietro anni e anni, studi e studi, sperimentazioni e sperimentazioni...e tu hai ragione di rivendicarli sempre!
    Ciao, abbracci, Floriana

    1. Ciao, Floriana,
      Grazie per un commento gentile. Sì, abbiamo bisogno di valorizzare il nostro lavoro come professionisti. Società sarebbe vuota senza arte. Senza di essa, come cultura esisterebbe.
      BTW, l'acquerello è così affascinante. Per favore continuate!
      Sacco di abbracci, Sadami

      Ciao, Floriana,
      Thank you for a kind comment. Yes, we need to value our work as professionals. Society would be empty without art. Without it, how culture would exist.
      BTW, your watercolour is so charming. Please keep up!
      Lots of hugs, Sadami

      Hi Sadami,
      I agree with you although I can't articulate my views in English and Italian translation is always very dubious ...
      Your work, as I have said on other occasions, Gladden the heart and mind ... definitely to reach this level there are behind many years, studies and studies, experiments and trials ... and you have no reason to claim them forever!
      Hello, hugs, Floriana

  14. thank you for sharing your ideas and thoughts. So true and makes me think of what I need to do. Fun, lively sketches you have shared as well.

    1. Hi, Maria,
      Thank you! Very happy to know that you've pondered over the post. You, too, enjoy sketching!!
      Best wishes, Sadami

  15. Sadami,
    I am glad you are feeling better. Someone with your amazing talent and positive outlook on life deserves the best. I love your work and your website. Any time I feel like smiling, I stop by here for a visit. Best wishes, Bill

    1. Hi, Bill,
      Thank you! You, too, have a wonderful day!
      Kind regards, Sadami