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Monday, September 5, 2016

Musicians and Kids in Market

I sketched around people in a market. We enjoyed shopping and music in lovely Sunday afternoon. A guitarist had an interesting guitar that was a hybrid of a classic guitar and an acoustic guitar = a classic guitar head, nylon strings, plus an electric acoustic guitar body. So, his guitar made softened sounds, not sharply metallic. Guitarists so much love their guitars. The busker carefully wiped his guitar and put it back to a case. I asked the guitarist, "If your girl friend asks you which is more important a guitar or her, what would you say?" He smiled and said, "Hope she would not ask such a question!" Hahaha! We laughed. When I had asked the same question to a close friend and guitarist, he replied, "Of course, a guitar!" Girls, we need to keep an eye on a boy friend's guitar?!    
People in the market, all looked happy. Treasure hunting is pleasure. I got a pretty skirt and two lovely picture books : Chihiro Iwasaki's "Momoko and the pretty bird," and David Cox's, "The Drover's Dog."  Oh, I love both. The drover's dog is hilarious and satirical. Once upon a time, a drover, Joe taught a dog, Sue some tricks. Ambitious Joe wanted for fame and went to big cities with clever Sue in the world. What would happen on Sue and Joe? The book tells what is more important than fame and money. I will enjoy this poor ?! artist life in Australia!

I quickly sketched children with the least lines, less brush strokes and a few colours. My brushes danced well. I attach the sketches. I hope you'll enjoy them. When I am in slump, I cannot draw, especially, children. I was happy to see my hand rhythmically moving on paper. 
Particularly, sketching a moving child is fun. Models, parents, on-lookers, anyone and I giggle and laugh together. 
I'll sketch more to create "roughs" for "My Dog Socks." Although it's challenging, it's fun. I will enjoy creating a picture book more than ever. Yey, I hope you, too, have a productive week! Thank you for cheers and visiting this blog. 
Friends, Happy Painting! 



  1. All drawings are so lovely! Good luck with your new book, Sadami.

    1. Oh, sweet Judy, thank you so much! I'm working hard on the illustration. Cheers, Sadami

    2. Love the sketches of the kids, especially the little girl looking over the railing - what was she looking at?

    3. Ahahaha, she just playing with her little sister! I love her movement. Cheers, Sadami

  2. Gracias! Y mucha felicidad para ti también, Sadami.
    Veo que lo pasas bien en una plaza, un mercado o donde sea. Nos rodean muchos modelos para dibujar. Son gratuitos y a nuestra disposición. Yo disfruto mucho en esos lugares donde hay mucha gente relajada. Los niños, ya es otra cosa... he dibujado mucho, porque tengo ocho nietos y no es nada fácil porque no paran de moverse. Pero es un gran ejercicio y muy divertido!!!
    Un fuerte abrazo.

    1. Gracias, dulce Joshemari, el abuelo de ocho niños! Estoy seguro de que disfrutará dibujarlos. Su dibujo será sus tesoros de incalculable valor en el futuro. los niños se mueven más me interesan y me encanta para capturarlos. Hemos de tener el dibujo. Usted lo hará. Tienen un gran y productiva semana! Los mejores deseos, Sadami

      Thank you, sweet Joshemari, the grandfather of eight kids! I'm sure you will enjoy drawing them. Your drawing will be their priceless treasures in the future. Moving children interest me most and I love to capture them. Just keep drawing. You'll do it. Have a great and productive week! Best wishes, Sadami

      >>>>>>> Joshemari said...
      Thank you! And much happiness to you too, Sadami.
      I see you're having fun in a square, a market or wherever. We surround many models to draw. They are free and available to us. I enjoy a lot in those places where there is much relaxed people. Children, it's something else ... I drew a lot, because I have eight grandchildren and is not easy because they do not stop moving. But it is a great exercise and great fun !!!
      A hug.

  3. Hello Sadami

    Your moon has arrived in Switzerland!
    We were very pleased
    about your wonderful picture book
    look here!

    Kind regards
    Christine and Patrick


    1. Oh, Patrick and Christine! Oh, oh, oh!!! Your photo and comment made me cry in joy. What a beautiful couple you are and Moon! I'm one of the luckiest illustrators on the earth to have such a lovely fan like you. Thank you very much.
      Best wishes, ((Hugs)), Sadami

  4. Lovely sketches as always --love the spontaneity of your lines :)

    1. Thank you, kind Meera. Just the other day, one gentleman shed tears, when he saw my sketch of a child. His tears blessed me. I love capturing moving people and especially children are lovely. Best wishes, Sadami