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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Willoughby Symphony Sketched by Water Brush

I was courteously invited to sketch Willoughby Symphony as a Sydney Sketch Club member. I enjoyed capturing a violinist in a high tension just before playing, a relaxed bass player in a break, a pianist in nirvana, etc. A mood of each musician interested me most. The rehearsal of Beethoven #9 was from 7 pm to 11 pm. I tried a "water brush" for the first time, because water was not allowed in the concert hall. Later I'll chat over the a pen. 

A violinist was just about to play music. When I looked at her concentration, it was so favourable and beautiful. She paid attention to a conductor. Her sharp eye contact with him captured my heart. It made me smile. So, I got on a job! I feel the beauty in anyone who is absorbed in work. It's lovely. 
After painting the violinist in high tension, I felt like capturing totally an opposite mood, "being relaxed." I found a young bass player in a very short break. He enjoyed a chat with a next bass player and waited for a conductor. Nice! 
A pianist often closed eyes and she was in a heaven. Her body swung very big like elegant dancing, meanwhile the muscles in her arms told her years long experiences. I depicted her muscles as well as her face expression. I felt every musician really love music. Their enthusiasm for playing is great. Me, too, in ecstasy. I began to smile and moved a body along music. The orchestra took me to a heaven. Yes, I love sketching musicians!!  
Btw, has anyone tried a water brush?  It would be handy, if water use is not acceptable in a place. I need more practises though, not bad to play with it! When I looked at the used amount of water, surprisingly, it was only a little bit in a water brush. I need to get used to it though, it seems fine and useful. The water brush is worth trying.
After three watercolour paintings, in order to relax myself, I enjoyed black and white by a graphite. A conductor's body language and arms fascinated me. Aw, I wish I could have seen his face expression! That was the only regret I had. Next time, I want to see him from the front.  
Then, I chose another young violinist for a close up. She tried hard to follow the conductor, while she did her best to create sounds required by him. Lovely. I like it.  
"Society is an orchestra," we say. Everyone is different and all of us are precious. Then, we can create a wonderful music. The individual difference is so important in identity, yet we're same human beings. Without the difference, we cannot be us. An orchestra is a positive metaphor of identity in society, I love. I want to sing a song of joy in art. 
I deeply thank for our Sketch Club leader, Jennifer, Kathie at Willoughby Council and all the members of the orchestra. They gave me the opportunity to enjoy sketching Willoughby orchestra and a wonderful music. I hope to see you again, soon! 
Friends, you, too, happy painting and enjoy music! 
PS. "Happy Halloween!" 



  1. Hallo Sadami! Your sketches are wonderful and vivid. I'm big fan of waterbrush. I use it mainly for my travel sketches. I carry it in my bag with small watercolor box and it's the most convenient tool for quick sketches when there is not much time for painting.

    1. Sweet Angnieszka, thank you! Oh, you use it very often. I hope we can sketch together! Once, I tried a waterpen at an art supply and did not choose it. Now, like you, it's in my bag with a watercolour kit. Let's have fun! Best wishes, Sadami

  2. Beautiful, as always! I know lots of sketchers use the water pens - I think the brand name here is Niji but not sure. Perhaps Niji does come from the Japanese?

    1. A water brush is correct, I assume. When I googled a niji pen, a different product came up. Many pens are Japanese products. It's easy to understand brand names, for me. Cheers, Sadami

  3. Pintar escenas de músicos con su instrumento, es un magnífico ejercicio para el dibujo. Me encanta dibujarlos y tú has conseguido captar perfectamente el gesto de cada uno. El movimiento y expresión de sus caras , como el del pianista, está muy bien dibujado, así como el del director de la orquesta y especialmente la sensación de felicidad o de ensueño que pone la muchacha del violín.
    El pincel de agua es ideal para estos casos. Llevo siempre uno en mi bolsa.
    Felicidades Sadami. Un abrazo.

    1. Sweet Joshemari, gracias! Dibujar músicos y un conductor es mi gran alegría. Podrá disfrutar de todos ellos, estoy seguro. Espero tener más oportunidades para esbozar una orquesta. Un pincel de agua a mano. Lo puse en mi bolsa. Ahora, puedo usarlo en cualquier lugar sin una jarra de agua.
      Los mejores deseos, Sadami

      Sweet Joshemari, thank you! Sketching musicians and a conductor is my great joy. You enjoy them all, I'm sure. I hope I will have more opportunities to sketch an orchestra. A water brush is handy. I put it in my bag. Now, I can use it anywhere without a water jar.
      Best wishes, Sadami

      >>>Joshemari said...
      Painting scenes of musicians with his instrument, is a wonderful exercise for the drawing. I love to draw them and you have managed to perfectly capture the gesture of each one. The movement and expression of their faces , as the pianist, is very well-drawn, as well as the director of the Orchestra and especially the feeling of happiness or dream that puts the girl of the violin.
      The brush of water is ideal for these cases. I always carry one in my bag.
      Congratulations Sadami. A hug.