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Monday, October 3, 2016

Timing is Crucial in Watercolour Washes

Watercolour is, I feel, absolutely, "WATER" colour. Amount of water and timing to put it on paper creates this art. I'm playing with washes. In order to tame washes, timing is critically important to put paints on a wet paper. Check the paper condition well. Keep an eye on the shining of a wet paper. This work, courtesy of kind blogger friend Rhonda.
Rhonda said that those female chatting finches were friends like her and me. So, I created the work to send her cheers. I hope her health will recover soon. Please take care, Rhonda. I hope she will handle migraine. It's not easy to cope with such a painful condition. 

Regarding a background, I waited for it until an image clearly came up, even though I had the photo. So, I arranged colours and composition as I liked. I splashed around on a paper like a little kid. 
Now, we've got into summer! Daylight saving has started. I swam 1 km in an ocean pool at Narrabeen beach. Narrabeen beach was absolutely crystal clean, not a cloud in a sky, a very calm and quiet ocean. Many people were at a beach, but only a few were swimming. They felt too cold to swim. Families were just paddling around in a pond or a shallow area. But it was really good for long lap swimmers. The water in a rock bath was so beautiful. Only me and another man was in. Are you getting into autumn or winter? Let us enjoy beautiful nature and our lives fully. 

Good news. A gentleman bought an "owl" print. A young American lady purchased "Moon" at Books Illustrated stall in Melbourne Fed Sq. Very happy! Thank you so much for Ann and Jess. 
Friends, Happy Painting!! 




  1. Sadami, aquí ya estamos en otoño, pero, donde estoy, en el Mediterráneo, la temperatura permite darse unos buenos baños con el agua todavía calentita por el verano.
    Me parece muy bien que nades. Te ayudará a tu recuperación y después dibujar estos dos pajaritos tan hermosos.
    Un abrazo.

    1. Gracias, dulce Joshemari! Sí, estás en el otoño. ¿Tu nadas? Amo nadar. Por cierto, me encanta dibujar las aves y las criaturas. Si se llega a Sdyeny, se pueden encontrar muchas aves interesantes y encanto en un campo. Saludos, Sadami

      Thank you, sweet Joshemari! Yes, you're in autumn. Do you swim? I love swimming. Btw, I love drawing birds and any creatures. If you come to Sdyeny, you can find many interesting and charming birds in a field. Cheers, Sadami

      >>>Joshemari said...
      Sadami, here we are already in autumn, but where I am, in the Mediterranean, the temperature can be a good bath with the water still warm in the summer.
      I feel very good that swim. It will help your recovery and then draw these two birdies so beautiful.
      A hug.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you very much, Carol. Let's enjoy watercolour. Best wishes, Sadami

  3. I love the little birds and the background wash is fabulous! Here daylight saving time will end soon and the days are getting shorter. Enjoy summer, Sadami!

    1. Thanks millions, Judy! Sure, we will enjoy staying an outdoor and an outback. Cheers, Sadami

  4. the birds are really well done great feathers :) the background is such a lovely colour

    1. Thank you very much for a kind comment, Jennifer. I love birds and want Rhonda get well. Best wishes, Sadami

    2. I hope she gets better soon too. Having so many migraines in such a short time really takes its toll on you in many ways

    3. Yes, indeed. You're sweet. I think of her and pray for her. Best wishes, Sadami