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Sunday, December 17, 2017

Prof Ingrid Piller elected for Fellow of the Australian Academy of the Humanities

Congrats, Prof Ingrid Piller, on your being elected for a Fellow of the Australian Academy of the Humanities Nov 2017, the highest honour for achievement in the humanities in Australia! Ingrid, the encounter of you, your teaching and the work with you are my inestimable treasure in life. Just the other day, I saw her and enjoyed a chat on the way to a bus stop in a campus. Here, the review of their team and a world leading sociolinguistics blog, Language on the Move2017. Ingrid has set up that blog in 2009 and today, it has grown up to a cutting-edge research blog. Great team! Linguists and people in linguistics have been backing up me since I started an art career. I deeply thank for anyone who has supported me this year. 



  1. Sadami, this is such a lovely tribute to a very special woman in artwork and in words! Great post.

    1. Thank u very much, Chris! She's been teaching us sociolinguistics, love and social justice. We're sort of Ingrid fan club, hahaha!! Cheers, wink, wink, Sadami

  2. nadolig llawen a blwyddyn dda i chi hefyd (A Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, in Welsh)