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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Week2 Colour Theory

Friends, school children and I are having a great fun! We enjoyed a colour magic. A class started with only three colour paints left on the tables. 
I asked, "Does light have colours? Have you ever seen its colours, if any?" The students began to think and answered, "White!" "Rainbow!" I affirmed, "Both are correct!" The two students showed big smiles. One student wondered if colour mixture would make other colours. A wonderful thinking and problem solution skills. Then, we explored why only three colours can create so many colours. I added, "Do you want to save your money in spending in paints?" the teacher and Westwords staff giggled. "Let's make all the colours in the world by only three primary colours : red, yellow and blue!" I invited. The children got excited. 
I explained, "Why is this colour theory helpful? The colour wheel gives an idea, if you want to make a strong contrast and a good harmony in paintings. Colours at a next door are friendly. Opposite colours cancel each other." One student noticed the similarity among colours, "Some are light?" in a circle. A good thinking. I endorsed, "Bingo! They are called "warm colours," and others are called, "cool colours." Colours can show temperature and our emotions." The students understood it well.    
All students are great! They love art and painting. When I asked them which medium preferred, they all chose watercolour paints -- thank you, students, my favourite medium! Each of the students created a bit unique colour circle that displayed an individual personality. I equally visited each student, assisted them and encouraged all. All the students were smiling! One student was a bit late. The girl and I worked together to finish up the colour wheel. When she made it, the so happy girl drew a "big smile," in the centre of her colour wheel. Aw, your smiling was the most reward for a teacher, Westwords staff and me. We love all the students' colour wheels. We'll use a learned colour theory for a next week class.  

The school teacher and Westwords are giving me a very positive feedback. "You're energetic!" Hahaha, I love interaction with children and respect them. Friends, I'm getting very busy though, teaching is lovely. I fully use what I've learned in uni. Uni lecturers give me suggestion, too, regarding my course content setting. 
Friends, enjoy your job!
Happy Painting!!  




  1. Sounds more like a joy, not a job! Lucky students, Sadami, to have met you.
    Love your color wheel, too!

    1. Thank u, Chris! Yes, my work is my joy! My previuous three years experience helps me, the watercolour painting workshops for clients with intellectual and sever physical disability in Wesley Mission. Uni study helps me, too. Enjoy painting and drawing. Best wishes, Sadami

  2. Wonderful! I know you are opening their minds about colors and painting - and love this painting you shared!!

    1. Thank you, Rhonda, you're so sweet always! Best wishes, Sadami