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Monday, October 29, 2018

Portia Geach, Female Artists Only Competition

Friends, I'll take you to Portia Geach Award, the most prestigious portrait prize for women artists in Australia. Enjoy some of great finalists work! The level was very high. Delightedly, this year, the taste of judges overlaps mine! My many favourite artists are in. My watercolour study of the winner, Zoe Young, "Drawing Storyboards". Colour use, contrast and composition are lovely and interesting! I've learned a lot. Bruce Beresford, a famous film and opera director is the subject. 
A b&w and value study tells me how to use colours. 
Original, acrylics
It’s a good practice and a free private tutoring by a topnotch. National Trust staff and I enjoyed a chat over the sketch.

Some finalists impressed me. Jeska Valk. 

Esther Erlich

Katherine Longhurst

Jude Rae

Ildiko Hammond

Joanna Braithwait
Janne Kerney 
Seeing is believing. Come and see this great exhibition. 
To see other good works is a great and essential study for me. Subjects, themes and techniques inspire me and encourage me. Also, thank you very much, Sydney Sketch Club!! I sketched the exhibition. Others sketched landscapes. A member gave me a ticket for my birthday present. Wonderful.  
I'll keep up! Have a wonderful week. Happy Painting. 



  1. Wow Sadami - these were all wonderful portraits to see. Looks like the best kind of exhibit. So glad you got to attend. Hugs!

    1. Thank u, Debbie!! Yes, they are the best of the best. Cheers, Sadami

  2. Your black and white and watercolor studies are just beautiful, Sadami!
    Congrats to the winner and the finalists on what looks like a wonderful show!

    1. Thank u very much, Chris! Yes, really congrats to finalists. I always learn lot from good competitions. Cheers, Sadami