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Thursday, October 4, 2018

Fun! Workshop at Eastwood Library

Children, parents, librarians and I enjoyed a watercolour painting workshop at Eastwood library. I'd share joy with you in their great art works. The children drew animals or any creatures from imagination. I demonstrate salt, crayons and bubble wraps techniques. My mission was to bring out each child's uniqueness. I want to create work like these children! 
Here are the masterpieces. They are fantastic!! 
Once, children successfully "geared up" and got on the work, they began to draw subjects freely, beautifully and independently. Ah, they are my teachers! Then, they began to chat loudly, hahaha! Some children were shy. A librarian and I assisted them. 
Each child's interesting concept and vivid colours.  
Wow, a good texture! Quite sophisticated. 
This awl is so cute. It can be a children picture book illustration. 
Not cooking, but a salt technique. It's tricky though, a fun!
Very happy to see their concepts coming out.
Very rewarding. Some children came to me to tell, "Thank you very much," after the workshop. It touched me so much. Oh, so sweet. 
"Enjoy wateroclour painting at home, children!" I said at the end of the class. 

Being an artist and picture book illustrator is wonderful. I'll keep up. 
Friends, happy painting! 



  1. There is so much joy in children's paintings.

  2. Oh, Agnieszka, thank you very much!!! Yes, a day after, I popped up at the library and celebrated our achievement with librarians. Kind regards, Sadami

  3. Sadami - what a great gift you have to share with the children. So kind of you to help them explore this very important side - creativity. Have a lovely weekend. Hugs!

    1. Oh, Debbie, thank you. Yes, children are very creative and full of talents. You, too, have a wonderful weekend. ((Hugs)), smile, Sadami

  4. What a heartwarming post, Sadami!
    And I agree with you - masterpieces!!

    1. Thank u, Chris! They are so lovely and full of energy and talents. I hope they will enjoy wateroclour in life. Best wishes, Sadami

  5. children look have a great fun with their drawings.

    Happy painting

    1. Thank u, Tanza! Yes, we had a wonderful time. Drawing is a great joy. Cheers, Sadami