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Monday, June 21, 2021

Finalist Royal South Australian SA Portrait Prize

Honoured I’m a #finalist of 5th Biennial RSASA Portrait Prize by the Royal South Australian Society of Arts. My TWO #publisher Helen Chamberlin (front, side) got in! Can you imagine if your two works are in Archibald or Moran in Adelaide!? $10,000 for #winner. My first attempt. I just put two and forgot what I did. But the notice became my happy surprise!! Oh, my!! I'm in?!! 25 June to 17 July. My "once-in-life” experience. I'll enjoy the opening this Sat 26 June = I'll eat up their hors d'oeuvres and get tipsy with wine?! See the flyer below. They support artists and encourage us. Lovely. Thank you very much for support, Helen Chamberlin, all the supporters, friends, you!

Publisher Helen Chamberlin (A2)
Publisher Helen Chamberlin (A4)
大変な名誉に浴させて頂きました. 5th Biennial Royal South Australia #芸術協会 主催 の #肖像画 #コンテスト#最終選考者 にはいったのです!! #優賞賞金 は #$10,000 = ¥827330! 初めてポイっと二枚いれて, 完然に忘れていたら, ある日突然, noitceがきて, "おめでとう. Finalistですよ." ええええ!! 信じられず, どのcompetitionかしらと, 慌てて調べたら, Oh, my, Royal South Art Society! それも, 二枚ともはいったのです. 何て, 珍しい, こんな 嬉しいことってあるかしら?! Openingには出ます. そして, Australiaの有名portraitistsのサインもらってこよう.もち, 食い意地の はってる サダミはワインとフレンチ “Hors d'oeuvres” をメ 一杯食いにげ するつもりです. Royal Art Societyは #アデレード に拠を構えAustraliaでart societyの先鞭をつけたことで知られます. どうか, #covid が不安定ですが, 不事, Adelaideまでいけ, #openingと#exhibitionがうまく いきますように!


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