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Sunday, September 19, 2021

Emergency Department at Hospital

#Clavicle #fracture. Quite painful but my hilarious life goes on, or positive! Thank you for #hospital #emergency dept and #paramedic #team at night! The ED is consisted of a dedicated specialist team of doctors, nurses and allied health staff. They appreciated my #sketch and #thanks . In fact, I cheered myself up by drawing in the sever pain, awaiting diagnosis between the close examinations in a hectic situation. Hard to go to sleep in the noises of machines around patients. The ED was working around the clock. In the pandemic, very difficult to get ambulance. Eventually, I used a taxi to get to hospital. The ED staff are our nameless superheros. The doctor gave me the diagnosis, the prognosis and the discharge summary at the dawn. Luckily, I could come home and will behave a good girl for four weeks.(*I once used the ED before, "Emergency Dept at Hospital" Monday, October 2, 2017.) 
昨晩,すっころんで, 鎖骨を折りました. ああ, 痛かった! #救急科 又, #救命士 のすばらしい仕事に助けて頂きました. モデルになり, 励まして下さった #看護師 さん, ありがとう! そして, teamの皆, 輝いてるわ, ありがとう!! 人生って何が起こるのか わからない. けど, だから面白い!! 手術不要. 無事に帰宅. 担当医の受け付けとも, よかったねえ,を いいあいましたし, 笑いあいました. しばらく良い子します. #watercolour #nurse #specialist #frontliners #sydney #australia


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