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Monday, June 28, 2010

First Woman Prime Minister for Australia

Let's enjoy my cartoons and have laugh together.

The first cartoon is, "Chaos Leading Parliament."
Timely, really, Julia Gillard became the first woman and foreign-born Australian Prime Minister!! Exciting! My cartoon became true.

I put many famous Australian politicians. "All star cast."
A2. Watercolor, pen&ink.
Can you tell me who's who?A parody of "Liberty Leading the People" painted by Eugene Delacroix.
I sincerely hope Julia will advocate the voiceless and the powerless in
our society.

The following cartoons are my doodles...

"All That in Mouth, "

Satchimo--Louis Armstrong.

"Mother of India, "

...Mahatoma Gandi.

"Mr CleanHead,"

...Eddie Vinson.

"Be Aware John Bulls,"

...Winston Churchill.

I drew so many cartoons,
portraits and caricatures in school days and at uni... Many text books and notes became "victims" for my graffiti. My friends loved them all, even though some teachers were not happy to find that I did not take note in class. Hahahaha!?!

But a world needs a laughter, definitely!



  1. Sadami Dear, I've been very busy these days and I could just leave comments on friends blogs and on my own. That has not prevented me to visit them to take a peek. Again, tell your watercolors, sketches and cartoons are fascinating, full of humanity. What a great sense of humor and Art!. I love them!

    Cheers and hugs!

  2. Dear Friend Carmen,

    Thank you very much for warm ecnouragements, as I was concerned about political stuff uploaded. Even though an experimental stage, I'm exploring my potential in every direction and awaiting for blog visitors' feedback. All my attempts become precious experiences.

    Take your time and take it easy. But I'm also really, really looking forward to your next work for the blog!! Yeah~~!!

    Love and biiiiig hugs!

  3. Dear Carlos,
    Thanks!! I love yours, too!

  4. Dear Niall,
    Thank you for visiting and great encouragements. Your style is, too, lovely.
    Kind regards,

  5. Hi Sadami.
    All your cartoons are absolutely brilliant. They are truly wonderful. I love them. you are a master at cartooning, sketching, and Watercolour. I am glad that I have found your blog on Adebanji blog. All the best my friend.

  6. Dear Friend Victor,
    Thank you for kind comments and encouragements that make me so happy. Your art work is so lovely and very much heartwarming. Please keep up your wonderful work!!
    Kind regards, wink, wink,

  7. Hi Sadami!

    I never get tired of seeing them
    Happy weekend!