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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Helen's portrait gets in The City of Ryde Women’s Art Prize

Good news, Friends! My Work Title is 
“Publisher Helen Chamberlin has revolutionised Australian publishing industry.” 
The City of Ryde Women’s Art Prize
Exhibition period of works : Friday 29 May to Saturday 13 June 
Thursday 28 May Opening night and announcement of winners at See Street Gallery at Sydney Gallery School and owned by TAFE NSW, Meadowbank, 6pm - 8pm. 
If you have a spare time, please come! 

My Statement in 99 words (100 words are allowed.) 
"Publisher Helen Chamberlin has achieved reputation for Australian picture books in the world, enhanced it to art and upgraded the quality of young literature. She epitomises the best of editorship, a quiet voice standing in the shadows behind the public faces, shaping and guiding, challenging and demanding. Especially, her work with Shaun Tan has pushed the boundary of picture books up to art and literature. It has changed public concept of picture books from easy kids readings to philosophical books that bear academic discussion on universal themes and social issues, displaying sophisticated art. Fortunately, she is fostering me, too!" 
The exhibition's theme is "Make It Happen" that is inspired by the 2015 International Women’s Day theme. But artworks may connect to any themes surrounding women. I've chosen Helen who has been making the impossible possible in publishing industry as a woman editor for nearly a half century. There should have been so many tough things on her because of her gender in society, but she has never given in and bravely conquered challenges. She did not simply overcome challenges. Helen, furthermore, has made amazing achievements in publishing industry. Not many people can do it. It very touches me. Today, she's Australia legend, yet, she's so shy. (*so I will make a huge ad of her!! She says, "No, that's not my style.") I'm very privileged to work with such a wonderful lady like Helen. My publishing team is now working on the final editing of "Moon." One more push!

I'll keep this post for a while = not update EDiM images daily (if you like, come and join Sydney Sketch Club. You can see all our funny, beautiful and interesting images!). Thank you very much for warm cheers! Now, I have to frame the work for delivery. 
Friends, Happy Painting! 



  1. Maravillosa mujer y maravilloso personaje por lo que tu misma relatas, Sadami. Tu retrato es excepcionalmente bello, te felicito.

    1. Querida Carmen, gracias mucho por su salud caliente! Mis mejores deseos, Sadami
      Dear Carmen, Thank you very much for your warm cheers! Best wishes, Sadami

      >>> Carmen said...
      Wonderful woman and wonderful character by what your own tells, Sadami. Your portrait is exceptionally beautiful, I congratulate you.

  2. Congratulations Sadami...............a well deserved honor.

  3. Congratulations, Sadami, well deserved! Happy to see this portrait on your blog again, it's fabulous! And she is a very special lady!

    1. Thank u! I deliver work today. Judy, you have good eye and a good memory to tell that you saw her before, although I've never disclosed Helen's name until this time. Kind regards, Sadami