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Friday, May 8, 2015

May 8, "Magnifying glass" EDiM for Sydney Sketch Club

Friends, what sort of image do you have for a magnifying glass? It reminds me of grandparents. Here we go! 
Members love my paintings that respond to themes. I really appreciate their positive feedback and warm cheers. "Very clever to create something that is so lovely to look at," one member said. I'm not clever though, that feedback partially depicts what interpretation skills are in picture book illustration. 
We interpret a given text by imagination and create scenes. That's the most important skills, in my view, as well as drawing skills. Very outstanding drawing skills are not enough for an illustrator. Editors check our interepretation ability. 
I hope I will make members happy with my work. 
Friends, Happy Painting!   



  1. Sadami, your forte is definitely people and telling a story with your people. Here I am, doing my challenge and just drawing what the word represents in simple terms...but that's okay, as it's getting me drawing more (which I think is the goal)! Have a wonderful weekend.

    1. Thank you, Rhonda! Yes, I love us, people with all my heart. Like you said, each artist has different uniqueness and direction. Each flower is diferent and flourish on the earth -- beautiful, isn't it? If we are all the same, how boring the world would be! Cheers, Sadami