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Monday, May 18, 2015

May18, A "mask" EDiM for Sydney Sketch Club

Hi, Friends, a "mask" is the theme. So, I've created a joke! Zorro was my hero and I've loved him since childhood. Of course, little Sadami wondered about his "signature" on a wall --- hey, wasn't it a graffito? Why he would not get penalty? No one explained about it well. Graffiti are fun. Have you ever tried it? I enjoyed it on walls in backyards.
Today, although I do not do it any more, I check myself in a good mood for work or not by looking at a wall. When I see a big white wall and feel like drawing on it with a huge brush, it's a very good day and I'm high. I get on work and produce nice illustrations and portraits. We all know we need to be in the best or sound condition to create good work. Of course, we have many problems in our lives though, we need it. Brushes are dead honest to our heart, aren't they? I hope everyone will enjoy drawing. 
Once, I made another cartoon. I'll post it together. Have fun.  
A tomorrow's theme is a marble (or something made from marble?). 
Friends, Happy Painting!  



  1. Very good drawings, Sadami, I enjoy your daily sketches very much! I would love to see graffiti from your hand! Much better than the texts I see here in town, and people have a lot of work removing them.

    1. Thank u, Judy! One day, I hope we can sketch together. Regarding graffiti, the same is true in Sydney. Council spends a huge amount of money in removing them. You, too, enjoy watercolour!! Best wishes, Sadami

  2. LOVE this one!!! And it's not just because of his beautiful blue clothes and mask :) ha ha You think about these words as challenges, and come up with the greatest little stories - so much to "read" into your paintings!! Can't wait to see Marbles. I know boys played marbles, winning the best ones from one another...perhaps that...or something totally different??

    1. Oh, sweet Rhonda, your say is just spot on! This challenge trains my illustration and drawing skills. Your guess is right! Or, I'm thinking of just "stone." I'm thinking of images right now. Cheers, Sadami

  3. Oh la la!!! Qué producción. Cada día una y todas excelentes! Y encima con humor!!! En eso de de usar la imaginación eres como tu héroe. Muy bien dibujado "tu" zorro!
    Clac, clac, clac (aplausos) Por la lección de lenguas! Soy vasco y aquí sí que es difícil saber su origen...
    Más aplausos por el dibujo de la urraca (que aquí también abundan)
    El de metatarsianos, otro genial dibujo!
    Y... Monet. OOOOHHHH!!! INCREÍBLE!! El mejor de todos, para mi. Qué bien lo has pintado! Te felicito! GENIAL!
    Por último, tu autorretrato caricaturizado es otro, de los hermosos dibujos de que eres capaz de improvisar en cualquier momento.
    Te lo pasas bien y nos lo haces pasar bien a nosotros. Gracias.
    Un abrazo.

  4. Joshemari, gracias mucho y es tan dulce. Amablemente has mirado cada puesto y comentó sobre ellos. Pero su opinión es demasiado para mí. Sólo hago mi mejor. Desafío diario no es fácil, pero una gran diversión. Estoy seguro de que puedes hacerlo. El punto es "tener un divertido con los demás". Nosotros, los miembros del club de dibujo estamos pasándola muy bien! Mis mejores deseos, Sadami

    Joshemari, thank you very much and you're so sweet. You've kindly looked up each post and commented on them. But your say is too much for me. I'm just doing my best. Daily challenge is not easy though, a great fun. I'm sure you can do it. The point is "having a fun with others." We, sketch club members are having a wonderful time! Best wishes, Sadami

    >>> Joshemari said...
    Oh the the! What production. Every day one and all excellent! And over with humor! In that of using the imagination are like your hero. Very well drawn "your" Fox!
    Clac clac clac (applause) by the lesson of languages! I am vasco and here it is difficult to know its origin...
    More applause for the drawing of the magpie (which here also abound)
    The metatarsals, another great drawing!
    And... Monet. OOOOHHHH! INCREDIBLE! Best of all, for my. How well you've painted! I congratulate you! That's great!
    Finally, your caricatured self-portrait is another beautiful drawings that you're able to improvise at any time.
    You pass it well and you do it well move into us. Thank you.
    A hug.

  5. Only today I saw all theses posts and I am so impressed how you have challenged yourself ! --Love the stories you tell with sketches :) they are masterpieces :)

    1. Thank you very much for your precious time, Meera! I really, really appreciate your visit and warm comments. They are not masterpieces though, I did my best. I'll enjoy drawing! Best wishes, Sadami