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Monday, October 8, 2018

Curiousity 1

Have you ever tried machines? Only me picked up the inside of a car engine in Urban Sketchers Sydney meeting. Being honest with myself is my policy and important. To distinguish each part, values and colours are emphasised. I've sketched around the world from curiousity since childhood. I want to draw like a little kid. 
Btw, the three projects are ongoing. They keep myself busy. 
I've joined another sketch club, "Drawing Sydney." See how it goes. Many people seem to join different clubs at once = We bump each other at varied clubs. Balancing my work and life, I want to enjoy group activities. It's lovely to foster friendship. 
Friends, Happy Painting!  



  1. Sadami, cada vez eres más valiente y nos enseñas acuarelas más complicadas en este blog, pero que tú resuelves muy bien! Es muy bueno compartir salidas con otros que tienen tu misma afición. Bravo!!!
    Un abrazo

    1. Muchas gracias, Joshemari. Tú, también, un valiente acuarela. La curiosidad es mi motivación para ver el mundo y dibujarlo. Saludos, Sadami

      Thank you very much, Joshemari. You, too, a brave watercolourist. Curiousity is my motivation to see the world and draw it. Cheers, Sadami

      >>>>>>>>Joshemari said...
      Sadami, every time you are braver and you show us more complicated watercolors in this blog, but that you solve very well! It is very good to share outings with others who have your same hobby. Bravo!!!
      A hug

  2. Limiting the color to a small area - what a great idea! Nice one!
    And your involvement in the sketch club sounds like a wonderful opportunity. Wishing you the best there, Sadami!

    1. Thank u, Chris. Yes, limiting the colours to a small area like an accent was my idea and solution. Otherwise, it should have been black and white. Btw, the small group welcomes any level -- that's what I've thought of. Friendship and mutual help must come first, not show off, is my belief --- other members welcomes my thoughts! Cheers, Sadami