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Monday, November 27, 2017

A New Mural on the Walls and a New Book Celebrate WestWords New Centre Lauch

WestWordsWestern Sydney's Young People’s Literature Development Organisation will launch a new centre on 28th Nov at 6 pm. I'll post photos in my facebook. A new cultural and arts hub. To celebrate its big step, WestWords will launch my illustrated North Parramatta primary school children's book (*not for sale, presents to the hardworking kids from non English speaking descendants), hang all the used illustrations and my image, below, enlarged will stay permanent on four walls, 2.8m x10,45 m, surrounding a stairwell. The staff has got so excited and me, too, in a frantically busy schedule! In the illustrations, I included children from any backgrounds. 
I really look forward to meeting my "authors," or the pupils. WestWords says that some children will read out the stories. Wow! WestWords ran a writing workshop for students and they worked hard in a writing club. An anthology book, "The Writers' Club" is truly a reward for a child. These books will be distributed to school libraries, too. 

Regarding a text analysis, Helen Chamberlin helped me, Books Illustrated (Ann James and Ann Haddon) gave suggestions incessantly and Margaret Hamilton AM gave me important feedback. WestWords staff has assisted me to create images. The students' writings are so precious in my eyes.  Any children are so gorgeous. They are our future. I hope they will remember this book in a tough time in life, get it through and reach their dreams. 
I deeply thank for anyone involved in this project and those who have supported me that makes my dream come true -- bring others love, hope and dream by my art activities. Finally, I quote the statistical data, a snap shot of Western Sydney people, culture and linguistic diversity, below. It clearly shows the importance of Western Sydney in Australia and indicates that young Western Sydney will have the great potential in rich cultural and socioeconomic phases.  
May this centre launch will cultivate Western Sydney and many talents will fledge out from WestWords!! Go, go, WestWords!! See you little authors at the party! 
Frineds, Draw On, Paint On and Create On!

WestWords demonstrates ; 



  1. You should understand that the term 'English' is not totally appropriate. If I said that Australians only came from NSW ... the rest of Australia might complain.

    BRITAIN is made up of England, Scotland and Wales. I have no English blood at all I'm from Wales and thus Welsh and also BRITISH. The Scots and English are also BRITISH. All three countries have their own language with 'English' as the most modern of the three. When Northern Ireland is included, then England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are referred to as the UK (United Kingdom).

    Southern Ireland is an independent nation.

    1. Dear John, Thank you very much for the kind response. Regarding the statistical data and a term use, please look up the definition of English in ABS. Kind regards, Sadami

    2. I wasn't being offensive, Sadami.

      I understand the term English (I have a degree in English :) but you talk of English ancestry. I suggest the first British settlers came from South Wales (where I was born) hence New SOUTH WALES. It only trivia ... but the Welsh don't mind being referred to as British ... but we don't like being glossed over as English

    3. Dear John, thank you very much for the kind response. My comment is same. The information source is "Australian Bureau Stastics Australian Gov," census data. If you have a question, please contact ABS and look up the term use/definition.

  2. What a wonderful project, Sadami! Do I understand correctly, that your drawing will be over 4 walls??? Wow!!!

    1. Yes!! Judy, you're correct! I sneak peaked up the new office this evening and saw it at a stairwell. Wow, wow, wow!! Tomorrow, I'll post the photos on my facebook. Look forward to them. Thank you for your strong support and celebration! Best wishes, Sadami

  3. Muy interesante Sadami. Y felicidades por el éxito ganado.
    Un abrazo.

    1. Muchas gracias, Joshemari! Estoy ocupado y todos estamos emocionados de asistir a la celebración de apertura. Mis mejores deseos, Sadami

      Thank you very much, Joshemari! I'm busy and all of us are excited to come to the opening celebration. Best wishes, Sadami

      >>>>>>Joshemari said...
      Very interesting Sadami. And congratulations for the success won.
      A hug.