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Monday, November 20, 2017

Enjoyed the Friends' Exhibition

I've been very busy with the projects and involved with WestWords new office launch on 28th Nov. It will be a new cultural hub and writer's room in Western Sydney. 
In busy days, I gave myself a break to celebrate my friends, Diane Mah and Nancy MacAlpine's exhibition. It turned out a great success. Almost a half of work was sold at opening! Amazing! It's not easy to carry out the show on your own, but they turned it out a huge sucess. I congratulated their job done. We had a great fun night! 

Btw, I love capturing very a moment of a tiny movement -- Nancy noticed my sketching of her during the acclaimed artist Christopher Gentle's speech. She glanced at me and whispered, "You sketch me!?" and we smiled. Such a moment creates a lively and natural mood. Capturing the essence of the body language is beauty, I feel. I want to keep up drawing movement.   
Then, I love playing with colours on papers. Simple, free and bold, I want to be.
Once, I sketched Diane in Sydney Sketch Club meeting. It's really nice to encourage each other...and of course, fun to sketch each other!  
Guest speaker, Chris. His lovely and humorous speech often made us laugh and giggle. 

It's important to keep sketching, particularly, quick drawing in busy days. Otherwise, my hands get stuck and stiff = my brain gets stiff! I hope I will upload a fun post in a following week. 
Friends, Happy Painting! 



  1. Dear Sadami - your sketches are just lovely of your friends. What fun to capture them while they are busy doing other things. Thanks for sharing. Hope you have a great week. Hugs!

    1. Oh, so sweet Debbie, thank you very much! You, too, enjoy life and have a great week. ((Hugs)), kind regards, Sadami

  2. Love the top painting! Your sketches are always so full of life - you capture the essence of the person and we feel we know them a little bit :)

    1. Thank u, Rhonda! Your comments are always so full of love! Please take care and enjoy your life fully. Best wishes, Sadami