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Sunday, November 5, 2017

Great benefits of illustrator residency, illustrated writings to be published by WestWords

In the residency, I've achieved a lot with the strong support from Margaret Hamilton AM (Pinerolo) in beautiful Blue Mountains. I'll chat over,  
1) the finished up project.  
2) my huge benefits from the illustrator residency : skills, networking, social exposure by activated social media and set up future job opportunities. 
3) beautiful Blue Mountains tranquilised me. Plus, sightseeing. 
I could finish up illustrating of the 19 primary school students' imaginative and difficult texts from "rough" to "colour" in five days. The project aims at improving children's literacy and advocates students from non English speaking backgrounds. The publication is purely rewards for the children who worked hard to learn English writings = not for sale, to be published this Nov. I'll show my favourite illustration.  
"A human lived in a watch" 
"The Three Sisters" are just around a corner from Pinerolo.
Here's a post from Margaret Hamilton AM's fb
"Sadami Konchi's final day in residency. Here with the selection panel: Michael Campbell (WestWords), me (Pinerolo) and Linsay Knight (Walker Books) were the selection panel for this very successful project. On the table is the extraordinary amount of work she did during her week here: illustrations for childrens' stories to be published by WestWords. She's holding her gorgeous new book MY DOG SOCKS."  
So kind Mr, Mrs Hamilton promoted the mentree in lunch and the displayed the mentree's art work to the selection panel, WestWords and Walker BooksMargaret proudly displayed the art work and passionately spoke for the mentree. 
Photo courtesy credit on WestWords : Left to Right, 
WestWords, Sadami, Margaret, Walker Books. 
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When WestWords selected me for Pinerolo mentorship program, the illustration project came to meWestWords is the Western Sydney’s Literature Development Organisation for Young People. I worked day and night to finish up the project with Margaret's great support. 
I was privileged to use this whole house for residency. 
The right side has a great research library. 
Margaret Hamilton AM and her husband Max have led the mentree with deep and broad knowledge, care, sensitivity, experience, wisdom and enthusiasm to pave a way for the mentree to access winder audience and social exposure in publishing industry. Pinerolo has also respected the mentree’s automacy, privacy and her own thoughts as an independent artist. In order to support the mentree’s work and study, Pinerolo has abundant resources for research. Its collection of picture books and related books is more than a public library and no less than the curriculum resources in Fisher library in University of Sydney. 
I enjoyed a misty morning almost every day. 
The facilities in Pinerolo are well equipped for stay and study, particularly, the unlimited access to internet. Mrs and Mr Hamilton are the witnesses and the part of Australian and international publishing industry history. They well answered my questions. I could create the images in beautiful Blue Mountains. They celebrated my outcome.  
Margaret, Max and me. In front of the permanent exhibition of established illustrators. 
Photo courtesy credit on Margaret Hamilton AM. 
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WestWords and Walker Books were so happy with my outcome and showed a great interest in my ongoing future projects. Because of a quiet nature and well-organised research resources, I could concentrate on the projects. I enjoyed the discussion with Margaret about my future projects, too. I deeply appreciate many people's support to carry out this mentorship project and I have developed my skills in a career.  
My case in Pinerolo will build a strong pathway and legacy for other emerging illustrators. It has proven that our publishing industry delightedly embraces anyone with the potential and nurtures them. Pinerolo residency will become a good role model for other mentorship programs in Australia. It will bring hope and dream for us : artists, their family and public people.
Now, WestWords and I are editing the images to make a book for kids. 
Friends, visit Pinerolo or try a mentorship program.  
Happy Painting!  
The world heritage, Govetts Leap is, too, very near to Pinerolo. 



  1. Not only did you stay in a beautiful area in a sunny yellow house, but you worked hard to get the paintings done for the children - you are amazing, strong, prolific, and pretty darned wonderful!!!! I am so happy for you to have this opportunity and I hope it brings you many more opportunities around the corner :)

    1. Oh, Rhonda, thank you very much! I worked so hard and made it, which amazed Margaret. She said, "Let's surprise the panel," and set lunch. My other mentors, Ann James and Helen Chamberlin, too, have celebrated my successful application of Pinerolo. I'll keep up. Best wishes, Sadami

  2. Hello Sadami, wow that must have been wonderful to be in such a place of creativity. You were blessed to be in that place for sure. As always I think your work is awesome. Thanks so much for sharing your experience with all of us bloggers.

    1. Thank you very much, Carol. This mentorship program is a wonderful experience. I hope many people will enjoy this sort of programs and grow as artists. Best wishes, Sadami

  3. glad you enjoyed your residency Sadami ... looks like it was a very productive week

    1. Thank u, Jane! I created at least 3 images per day to finish up the project. Plus, I worked on other ongoing projects. It amazed Margaret. Cheers, Sadami