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Saturday, May 15, 2021

Try Subjects of Metal

Today, we studied #metals #greys and #composition in Yuko Nagayama #online #workshop . Can you feel the metal? When I was little, I loved Chardin's art work. The assignment is to create a very #darkbackground . I’ll enjoy #stilllife life and grow as an artist! Thank you, Yuko! #jar #oranges #bananas #utensils . #watercolour #pencildrawing #sydney #australia いつも すばらしい勉強内容ありがとうございます. #europeの #classic #静物画 のdark backgroundすきです. 幼い頃, #シャルダン に憧れ, よく何時間でも 覗きこんでました. 自由課題では, そんな #mood にchallengeします. #a3 #nカルオンライン永山裕子金属 #オンラインレッスン #水彩画 #オンライン水彩画



  1. Muy buen estudio, me gusta el reflejo en la tetera.
    Feliz fin de semana.
    Un abrazo

    1. ¡Oh, qué amable Olga, muchas gracias por el aliento! Sí, el reflejo debe estar representado en este estudio. Disfrutaré la tarea. Tú también disfrutas de un fin de semana. ((Abrazos)), amor y sonrisa, Sadami

      Oh, so kind Olga, thank you very much for encouragement! Yes, the reflection must be depicted in this study. I'll enjoy the assignment. You, too, enjoy a weekend. ((Hugs)), love and smile, Sadami

      >>>>>>>Olga said...
      Very good study, I like the reflection in the kettle.
      Happy weekend.
      A hug

  2. Replies
    1. Bow-wow! Rhonda, thank u!! How is your noisy life in the cicada chorus? Please take care. Show me your smile! Love and smile, Sadami

  3. These look so gorgeous I love the bright pure colors against dark neutrals! I did not know about Yuko Nagayama - will google and find out :)

    1. Oh, thank u, Meera! You'll know how great and creative Yuko is and she's a world leading watercolourist. I admire who she is as well as what she creates. She's uni lecturer. So, her course is fantastic!! Best wishes, Sadami