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Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Portrait got in World Top 80, IFAM

#sadamikonchi Honoured. My work, "Publisher Helen Chamberlin OAM" got in the Top 80 in 2024 (Spring) Malaysia International Online Juried Art Competition “Figures & Faces” category. Total 1017 Figures and Faces paintings from 62 countries.
IFAM has supported artists. Thank you for promoting our works on IFAM Global social media platforms and marketing. I'll show you my certificate beneath the work. #watercolour #a2 #monotone #realism #portrait #global #australia
皆さん 私と喜びを分かち合ってください #水彩画 #monochrome Publisher Helen Chamberlin OAM の #肖像画 が世界の #トップ 80 の1つに食い込みました!! 予想だにしていなかったので 嬉しい限りです😍 世界から 1017 の作品が 62カ国から届き しのぎを削り どの作品も ユニークで素晴らしいものです. これからも 肖像画 #人物画 に 喜びを見つけ 切磋琢磨し成長したいと心から願います. 皆さん 応援ありがとうございます!!



  1. Wow, this is a wonderfu achievement for you, but you definitely deserve it as this portrait is just so wonderful…it holds such meaning in the eyes! Rhonda Carpenter

    1. Oh, so sweet and supportive Rhonda! Yes, I worked so hard on the eyes as you noticed. I'm thrilled that your watercolour paintings get better and better!! Go, Rhonda, go, go! Btw, I've got other good news. So, look forward to it later. Cheers, wink, wink, Sadami