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Thursday, November 30, 2017

WestWords New Centre!

WestWords launched a new centre in Parramatta. A key person, Libby Gleeson appreciated my image at a stairwell and encouraged me, "Go on, Sadami!" I did a tiny thing. A printer did it!(*He stands besides me in a photo).  Printing took 7 hours and pasting took 5 hours. The amazing staff worked carried it out. I admire the staff and my lovely little authors! This centre will nurture talents in Western Sydney. Special thanks to Helen ChamberlinAnn James, Ann Haddon and Margaret Hamilton for the text analysis and the illustration of students' writings!
This image, a print press and a storm of papers, stands around the stairwell across four walls.  

My super hero, Libby! She lobbied, fought for WestWords and sets it up to a current level. Libby made a change! Her speech really touched my heart. She moved a politician and found a break through. Then, she brought WestWords to today, the opening of a new office. Amazing. I'm sooooo proud of being taught by her regarding picture book illustration. Thank you for encouraging me and teaching me for ages.
Oh, you're my super heroes, too! How lucky I am to know you and have worked for this project! The staff worked day and night. 
Wonderful to see you, my little authors for an anthology, "The Writers' Club"! My used illustrations were all framed and displayed. Here's the photo! A principal, a teacher, parents and students enjoyed them all! 
Really lovely to catch up with Margaret Hamilton and Max after the mentorship program in Blue Mountains. You're so sweet and caring. Margaret asked me to sign the book.
When I left the centre, I donated the illustrations used for the students' book. WestWords greatly appreciated it. "Let's plant seeds. Make children happy," I said. I think that's all what I can do. Certainly the wonderful start. Now, from here, we have to make it happen. 
Like Libby encouraged me, I will produce good work in picture book illustration and fine art. I thank for all the people who have helped me. Yes, you, too, Friends.
Happy Painting!



  1. Okay, first of all, congratulations!!! Second, is your dress printed with some of your illustrations? It's wonderful and looks like it is your illustrations all over!! This is a wonderful thing you did, time, effort, talent, love :)

    1. Thank u very much, Rhonda! The dress is not my illustration, BUT I fell in love with it at first sight. "Wow, that's my watercolour work!" and bought it. Let's have fun in painting!! Best wishes, Sadami